How to Use Guest Blogs for Not So Obvious Link Building

How to Use Guest Blogs for Not So Obvious Link Building

Guest blogging is no joke and for many reasons, it surpasses all other means of online visibility.


However, it may look scary, as you’ve seen before. There are two main reasons behind the concerns associated with guest blogging, thinking you need writing skills similar to that of Shakespeare or write something extraordinary. But all you need is the proper arsenal to make that natural looking link building come true.


Here’s what you need to consider to make your digital presence stronger.


Think Ahead of the Links


There’s this onrush of guest blogging all over the web. To break the noise it’s important to think beyond the links.


Moz surveyed digital agencies and freelancers to know whether they make sense and they did this by seeing if they use guest blogging and turned out 90 percent respondents are into it and use some kind of guest blogs.


You will find a good number of entrepreneurs making the most of guest blogging for link building purposes. For example,


Mark Traphagen shed light on how Eric Enge built authority on the web by just writing guest posts.

Julia McCoy earned $5,000 by just one blog on SitePro.

Leo Widrich started writing and reached 150 blogs within 2 months to help develop Buffer.


Your Guest Blogging Strategy


It is clear that guest blogging tends to work for effective link building but it’s counterintuitive to do it without having a strategy or plan because as important as it is to produce a quality blog, similar is the value of keeping track of performance.


Set Certain Qualifying Factors For The blog you’ll be Working With


For a guest blogging opportunity following are some of the most important qualifying factors to consider 

•    Guest Blogging acceptance
•    10000+ social following
•    100000+ website traffic
•    50+ domain authority
•    Similar niche
•    Monthly page views
•    Monthly reach
•    Credit to contributors with bio


Review The Bio Section


Looking for the author bio is the key because this is where linking comes in.  Having the opportunity to add a link means you can redirect people towards your website or add a link to sign up your newsletter.


Prepare Before You Pitch


Before you forward that pitch-perfect email makes sure to establish your connection with the website on different social media platforms by engaging with replies, tweets, and newsletter. This will make you with the website and the website with you well acquainted.


Start with 4 to 5 credible blog posts per month and with this frequency the results are most likely to be detected in a span of 4 to 12 months.


Perks of Guest Blogging


The first two things that any brand would need to prosper are strong brand awareness and competitive search engine ranking. If you are implementing a solid strategy that executes guest posting on multiple blogs within a similar time frame it caters to an illusion that you are present everywhere. Furthermore, acquiring backlinks from authoritative websites caters to a strong SEO authority.


On the other hand, your reader base eventually increases in number as you are redirecting traffic from highly credible blogs. It starts with a boost in traffic and over the time potential leads begin to generate which is the most important element for any business.


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