How To Turn Your Window Boxes From Simple to Fantastic?

How To Turn Your Window Boxes From Simple to Fantastic?

Making fantastic window boxes is all about being creative and imaginative while designing. The use of beautiful colors and appealing designs can increase your packaging game.

Window boxes, as the name implies, are the boxes in any shape that have a cut out on any side or size of the box that makes the product clear and visible. These boxes are made up of paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft paper that can fit any size, shape, and need correctly inside the box. To give these plain boxes a unique and appealing appearance customization companies modify these boxes in different colors, designs, company logo or name, and other details that represent the brand more clearly.

Increased competition and a number of brands in the market have made it hard for businesses to create a distinctive image. Packaging of a product is as important as a product or maybe even more because it is the first thing about any product that customers interact with. Packaging help brands to gain customer’s attention and market their product along with the protection of the product. It is impossible to ignore any aspect of packaging to create sufficient packaging as;

· Functionality
· Protection
· Advertising
· Appealing appearance
· Cost-effectiveness

These factors collective make an amazing packaging that no one can compete with.

custom window boxes

Window cut boxes 

Increasing companies and packaging need developing something new that can instantly grab customer’s attention packaging industry have introduced all type of customization regarding shapes, sizes, and designs. Window box packaging has created a sensation in the market because of their unique ways and amazing display properties.

It is a need for a product to be displayed correctly so that customers can have a thorough view of the product, along with security and durability. A lot of companies are using these boxes for their products, and this is how you can create a difference in the market with your personally designed window boxes from simple to fantastic for every type of product from a candle to clothing to food items.

custom window boxes

 Use of unique shapes

Why not avail the opportunity while you can?

The material used to make custom window boxes have a high tendency to be given any shape in any size like folding boxes, flat boxes, tray boxes, drawer boxes, and whatnot. Window box is made using a die-cutting technique that allows you to get any shape to make your tables innovative. This technique will enable you to give an alluring appearance to your simple square boxes without any restriction of dimensions and material. 

Quality matters

Quality is what customers pay for. 

Material is an essential factor that determines the quality of a box or packaging. High-quality packaging develops a positive image of the brand and builds trust among the customer and the company that helps in getting more loyal customers in less time. High-quality printing and laminations can give window packaging boxes a premium look. Innovative printing techniques can be used to get high-end printing. Colors leave an everlasting impact on the human mind as white gives a feeling of sophistication, whereas black gives a sense of power and control. The use of colors with intricate designs increases the worth of packaging. Laminations in glossy and matte give a most exceptional finish to the box and can beat any expensive high-end packaging.

Aesthetic films 

To cover the die cuts in these boxes, different movies and coverings are used to protect the product from dust, contamination, and provide protection. Instead of using any plain simple cover go for fluorescent and tinted plastic films that give an exceptional appearance to your window packaging boxes.


Foiling is another amazing customization technique that can be used to highlight important details. It is a technique that engraves golden, silver, copper or metallic sheet on different patterns, texts, and images. Foiling can instantly give an elegant look to your window boxes packaging. It can be done anywhere on the table of any size and shape. Outlining the cutout in golden or silver foiling enhances the design and diverts attention toward the window, which means the product. 

custom window boxes

Window boxes from simple to fantastic in the UK are fully customized in sustainable material because it also affects the company and brand on a whole as it is essential to have a responsible approach toward packaging. Non-environmental packaging like plastic has caused a lot of irreversible pollution. It is responsible for the death of natural resources of the Earth-like plantation, forests, soil, water, wild, and marine life. Sustainable packaging helps in developing a positive brand image and makes any packaging 100% customer satisfactory. Creating fantastic packaging is not limited to any technology and techniques. It is all about being creative, thinking out of the box, and experimenting with new things with your packaging. 

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