Step By Step Guide On How to Rearrange Pages in a PDF File

Step By Step Guide On How to Rearrange Pages in a PDF File

Nowadays PDF files are almost everywhere from phones to your laptops, in school and offices. Where they are a blessing, they can also be a bit of an issue to manage.

Here is a step-by-step guide to rearrange your pdf files.  

Wonders of the PDF File 

PDF files are pretty awesome, yes they are! They have been around for quite some time and not only do they get the job done but they are best when it comes to your documentation needs.

PDF files are known all around the globe to be multipurpose and an effective solution to a digital document format and allow the user to share these files across multiple platforms.

How to Rearrange Pages in a PDF File

1. Internet Connection 

Make sure that you have an active and stable internet connection as you will be launching the internet browser on your device in order to access a PDF tool online.

2. Search and open a PDF editor

There are quite a few of these tools online that can really help you fix certain issues with pdf files. Search for a PDF editor tool and open any site you deem fit to start with the next step.

Other than an editor tool there are other simple tools that help you maintain your pdf files, one of such is a PDF merger online which very conveniently helps you merge your pdf files in just a few clicks.

First of all, a pdf merger is free of cost and there is no restriction in file size or quantity. Online pdf merger compresses nothing and you receive your pdf files organized and merged without a loss in quality.

The majority of these tools offer more than 1 feature and are the perfect aid to your PDF problems.

3. Select and Upload Desired Files

Make sure that you have the desired files already grouped in your file explorer or wherever your files are located then select and open them accordingly.

Online tools usually have a dropbox and or a button that you can click which would then open a prompt for you to select your files.

4. Edit and Rearrange as Needed

After you upload your files first check if you uploaded the correct files then select the options that the tool is providing you and then arrange your pdf pages as you wish. You can also delete pages that you may not require.

Sometimes you may need to renumber your pages and some tools let you do that yourself if not automatically.

These tools online primarily give you the option to combine your individual PDF files

5. Recheck and download your edited PDF

After you are done with your editing and arrangement, ensure that your editing was correct and there is no mistake or miss arrangement, if there is any mistake then you can go and repeat the step again or just revert to the editing step if the tool gives you that option.

Digital Accessibility Issues in PDFs 

  • The two types of PDF files

There are actually 2 types of PDF files to boot with. One of them is technically what we call an image file that contains text that is usually sourced from a scanned hard copy document.

The other variant is a direct digitally sourced document which is known as a Native PDF file.

For example when you create a CV on word and export it in a PDF format you are digitally creating a PDF file that is editable, unlike the native PDF file which is not.

  • Readability 

PDF files are great but the complication is that pdf files may prove to be tricky to read on PC screens as the majority of PC screens used nowadays are widescreen 16:9 ratio which is not the best when displaying A4 size paper format that PDF files mainly utilize. This is an inconvenience for the viewer and only takes your productivity down.

  • Editing PDF Files

As discussed above, PDF files have 2 types of variants. The problem arises when you end up with a scanned source image PDF file.

These files are non-editable and are a pain to deal with.

The only proper way that you can use to make them accessible for editing is by using an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system to convert the document into a digitally editable version only then you can edit the files effectively.

There is another method that you can use to revise your PDFs, especially when all they are is text images.

Scanned files can be written over by using some sort of PDF editing tool but that would involve new text written over the previous uneditable text using text boxes and by removing the previous text etc.

  • Multi-Step Access

PDF files have another issue, something that people may not think about much but it is something that matters a lot, especially in the Digital Marketing world. PDFs are usually offline documents that most of the time need to be downloaded before you can view or edit them in any way.

This may prove to be a barricade for users on both PCs and especially users on mobile phones where it is essential that you have a file explorer or manager etc to sort the files and then an application that can launch the PDF files effectively.

This number of steps may cause the user to leave your content before they even view it which may cause you a loss.

It is crucial that these steps are minimized as much as they can be so that the user can have smooth access to your content and not lose interest in what you have to offer.

  • Bad Mobile phone Compatibility

PDFs have fixed paper format and layout, which means that when displayed on a mobile phone that has different screen dimensions, PDF files can turn out to be a problem.

The majority of users have a preference for mobile phones over PCs and laptops, this means that the ratio of users accessing PDF files on their mobile phones is greater than that of users that are accessing PDF files on their PCs.


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