How to keep your cloud information secure?

How to keep your cloud information secure?

More businesses and individuals are using the cloud in some form. Most of them don’t even realize this! Unfortunately, not everyone knows the cloud services and protocols, which means they are not as protected as they should be. Your information on the cloud could be prone to cyber-attacks should you not opt for preventive measures. It is becoming increasingly important to realize how secure your information on the cloud is. You can practice several techniques to ensure the safety of your sensitive information. This post will explain how to keep your cloud information secure. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Effective ways to secure your cloud information:

People often believe the cloud is the safest place to store sensitive information and business data. They are true in their heads, but only if they take preventive measures after storing the data and leaving the information unaddressed means inviting bad actors to steal it. What techniques should you practice to secure your cloud information and data? Only a few people know about these practices, but we will shortly reveal them. Let us start!

1. Use encrypted cloud services:

The first step in defense mechanism after storing your information on the cloud is opting for encrypted cloud services. Doing so will help you protect your data from identity thieves by encrypting it on both the cloud and your computer. Encryption means the service provider, administrators, and third parties cannot access your sensitive information.

Many service providers claim to be encrypted but will steal the data if you trust them. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing a cloud service provider since you can’t afford to put your business data at risk. The higher the encryption, the better the security!

2. Opt for a secure host:

Your hosting provider will store your information on the cloud to ensure nothing happens to it. However, you should allow your host to manage and secure your stored information by taking preventive measures on your behalf. It only happens when you purchase managed hosting solutions. The offer might cost you more than standard packages, but it is worth paying for to ensure better information security.

Hosting providers will always protect your cloud information with hard-to-penetrate security strategies. Do you have a WP website with loads of sensitive files? It is time to purchase a secure hosting plan from Hosting MENA to secure your sensitive information!

3. Setup your privacy settings:

Your cloud service provider will give you the credentials to sign up for your account. As soon as you log into your account, change the privacy settings. You must ensure you don’t share these credentials with your service provider to avoid anything suspicious. You might connect different applications with your cloud account, and what if the service provider has access to all these apps?

It would be best to determine the duration the cloud will store your information. Also, ask for the data or information the cloud can pull from your device and applications. Always re-configure and check your privacy settings to ensure they remain safe.

4. Use strong passwords:

Your accounts should have strong and hard-to-guess passwords – especially those housing sensitive information. Over half of the security breaches happen due to weak passwords; you must be mindful of this. Why not be diligent when creating your passwords for your cloud accounts? It will pay you in the long run! Never choose a password of less than eight characters and more than fifteen. Always select an alpha-numeric password with punctuation marks in the middle.

Moreover, you should use capital and lowercase letters in your password to add more complexity. Hackers will always attempt simple passwords like your company name, address, birthday, or phone number.

5. Use anti-malware programs:

Your cloud-using devices like smartphones, computers, or laptops should have strong anti-virus and anti-malware programs installed. It is vital to use these preventive programs since the cloud will transfer your sensitive information over the internet. Hackers will never miss a single opportunity to steal your business data. Therefore, you must be careful to block suspicious URLs and downloads. Some cloud providers also provide additional services like backups, device location, and remote wipes, and you should consider them.

It is often challenging to arrange for these programs on your own. The best alternative is to connect with a hosting company and let them do the rest. Do you want to purchase a secure hosting plan for your website? Contact WordPress hosting UAE companies today and make a deal with them!

Add more security to your website with hosting plans!

Web hosting is always a better option for adding extra layers of security to your website. You can enhance your website performance and prevent hackers from stealing your data. Connect with a reliable web hosting company today and purchase a secure plan for your website to add more security to it!



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