Searching For a Supplier in China? Here’s How You Can Find One

Searching For a Supplier in China? Here’s How You Can Find One

Let us consider that you come up with an idea about a product or you believe that you can market down certain channels for products, and you are searching up for a supplier in China due to the decreased cost of production and low product development there.

If you look up the concept or simply just a product name on the internet, you will find various manufacturers/suppliers from China.

However, despite so many searches, you are still unable to find the right supplier for your products matching your requirements and satisfying your particular needs with a firm desire to effectively communicate with you. Majority of the people are stressed out mainly because of the fact that they have been conversing with the suppliers back in China for months, but fail to make a move forward.

Therefore, to efficiently find a decent supplier in China, you might need a strategy. The strategy will have knowledge, consciousness, and a good amount of research work. Some of the most practical steps to look out for a decent supplier in China are:


Suppliers List

To find the best suppliers in China, it is essential to prepare and plan on spending a month at least searching for the best manufacturing supplier, and several months concluding the best designs, producing molds and starting up the process for manufacturing.

This might be a little challenging, to begin with absolutely nothing you are striving to create relationships leading to a prosperous partnership for manufacturing. During the start, any supplier you reach out to seems to be your only hope.

This is exactly the reason why I suggest all the businesses out there to start by creating a list of all the possible suppliers to connect and do business with. In the end, select the best among all.



You need to first understand what’s available in the market and find a possible solution to categorize each piece of information you obtain. Here are a few categories that will make you understand a little more about the Chinese suppliers: 3rd party supplier vs. manufacturer, big organization vs. small family owned, 3rd party manufacturer with in-house product development capacity vs. 3rd party manufacturer that just sells and buys out; assembly-based manufacturer vs. integrated manufacturer, etc.

Categorizing the suppliers in an order will assist you in understanding your requirements. For instance, if you are planning to import a few products in the narrow ranges, you might opt for a supplier/manufacturer rather than choosing the 3rd party supplier. If you are a small organization requiring un-divided attention, develop a strong bond with small-sized businesses similar to yours.


Conton Fair

The Chinese Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair is a trade expo which connects the Chinese wholesalers and manufacturers with exporters and buyers. The first trade show was organized back in 1957 and conducted its 120th session back in October 2016.

Even though participating in a trade show might be a little frightening for many at the start, getting access to the fair is easier than you can possibly think, allowing the manufacturers and importers to connect with suppliers and sellers from China and different parts of the world.

With that being said, it is essential for business individuals and businesses to remember that majority of the suppliers participating at the Canton Fair to sell their finished goods as quickly as possible, and not to interact and communicate with new clients for manufacturing. However, I asked many business organizations at the fair if they perform any personalized paperwork and I was politely received with “no.”


Search Engines

For business owners and individuals, it is crucial to use search engines to locate information associated with the product name. The starting websites at the web pages are considered to be most similar to your product. These websites will help businesses owners to understand and locate their potential competitors, and how can they work to make their businesses do better.



Even if you are not aware of any manufacturers, reach out to the people in your social circle what you’re exactly looking for. To my surprise, a lot of my friends and colleagues were generous enough to hook me up with several manufacturers, both overseas and off-shore.


B2B Websites

Famous B2B websites, or an Alibaba alternative providing valid information of hundreds of thousands of suppliers are great choices. Be sure to use local ones, such as, and as you can contact Chinese suppliers on these websites and get quick responses. The directory websites are also excellent resources to obtain industrial knowledge.

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