How to Boost your Online Sales

How to Boost your Online Sales

Selling on the internet is an exciting adventure. With SiteW, you can easily add a Shop module to your site. Making yourself known online and convincing your customers is not always easy, however.

Here are our tips to increase your online sales in your store quickly.

Have an ergonomic store

Your online store must, above all, be clear and functional with easy navigation: the product sheets must be detailed and the information relating to the purchase easily findable:

  1. Shipping fees,
  2. delivery delay,
  3. product availability,
  4. dematerialized products.

To help you in the construction or reconstruction of your product sheets, you can consult our selection of the best product sheets!

Note that 52% of online purchases are made on mobile. So make sure you have an online store with a responsive design: the appearance of your store should easily adapt to the screen of a computer and that of a phone.

On his smartphone, the user must benefit from the same navigation fluidity as on his computer.

Do not hesitate to refer to our complete guide to creating an online store!

Take care of your visuals

Take care of the appearance of your site by writing a graphic charter. A graphic charter defines all the visual principles of your website:

  1. your logo,
  2. the dominant colors of your site,
  3. the fonts used,
  4. the shapes of the clickable buttons …

The creation of a graphic for your online store allows you to maintain visual consistency that instantly gives your website a professional image.

Plus, add clear and eye-catching images to energize your visual. 

Keep in mind that users may not necessarily know your products and cannot see them for real. Take photos that expose your products in several situations and that will help your future customer to project himself.

Adding images is a plus, but make sure they’re not too heavy. They can slow down page loading and adversely affect user experience.

Perform page analyzes

In order to be able to tailor your sales pages in an effective and relevant way, you must start by analyzing these pages.

You can, for example, use the Optimizely software which allows you to generate different pages and understand which settings work best:

  1. Is the page more attractive with this or that color?
  2. Is the visual more welcoming with this form or this one?
  3. Does it make more sense to place the contact form on the right or on the left?

Sometimes a simple detail of color or placement can make a huge difference to your online sales.

Clearly categorize your articles

Products should be showcased and navigation should bring visitors to the products.

Sort and categorize your products in a simple and logical way. Remember that the customer has only one click to leave your site: it must therefore be flawless.

Avoid making “mega-menus” that take up a whole page on your online store. You must categorize the articles in a clear and relevant way without being too exhaustive so as not to lengthen the number of categories unnecessarily.

Multiply the means of payment

Offer the appropriate means of payment.

Offer choice to your customers: 

  1. some will prefer the speed of PayPal,
  2. Some others are reluctant to pay and prefer to apply checks.

You can also offer users payment in instalments.

When you create an online store on SiteW, you can easily offer payment by credit card, PayPal, check, wire transfer or purchase orders to your customers.

Improve your natural referencing 

You must hire an SEO company to work on your natural referencing so as to improve your ranking in search engine results, especially using keywords.

Know that all the actions to facilitate navigation for your users and Google are positive points for your SEO.

But the careful placement of well-chosen keywords further improves your place in the search engine results.

You can, for this, refer to our two guides:

  1. tips to optimize your web referencing
  2. How to write with keywords?

You can use keywords in your listings, in your descriptions, but also on your blog.

This leads us to the next point…

Create a blog

You can also drive traffic to your site by creating a blog related to your business sector to position yourself as an expert in your field. Knowing that quality content is increasingly valued by Internet users, allows you to generate more traffic and more potential customers.

If users see your product knowledge well, you build a trusting relationship with them. They will be more inclined to test your products.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, starting a blog allows you to improve your SEO with keywords.

For example, the Bonne Gueule online store offers articles to advise customers on clothing trends.

Use social networks

Today, using social networks is essential.

Most of the users place a lot of importance on the communication strategy of brands on social media. They are also a powerful customer targeting tool thanks to their algorithms.

With an online store on SiteW, you can add a Social module allowing your customers to share the product sheet during consultation. You can also read our guides on community management in order to adopt the best communication strategy on social networks.

You can also use social media to work with influencers in your industry. Send them a product or two from your range and offer to give their opinion. If your products are of good quality and useful, they will quickly share them with their community!

You can also offer them a partnership with a special promotional code for their community to attract new customers and increase your online sales.

Moreover, SiteW is present on social networks: do not hesitate to join us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Use online marketplaces

You can also use, in addition to your own site, online marketplaces such as Etsy or eBay for example. 

This allows you to create a stand on a huge marketplace: all you have to do is stand out to boost your online sales. 

By being present on these types of platforms, you can benefit from their communication and email.

Make Site Secure

To make the site secure, it is essential to have an SSL certificate. It protects traveling data between the server and the browser. Whether it is a single domain or multi-domain, you can find SSL certs from reputed certificate authorities in the market starting from Sectigo, GeoTrust SSL certificate, DigiCert certs, etc. You can choose any SSL as per the site’s requirement.

Take a look at the competition

Analyze your competitors:

  1. How do they promote their products?
  2. How do they build their reputation and their image?
  3. What are their communication strategies?
  4. What are the aspects that can block you in their stores as a customer?

Based on your findings, you can list your benefits and quantify them. Highlight your singularities. Your benefits may, for example, relate to:

  1. the price,
  2. the scarcity of products,
  3. the speed of delivery,
  4. the postage,
  5. the many payment options and their security…

This is what will make the difference and will decide your visitors to choose your products!


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