How Time Influences Brother Sister Bond?

How Time Influences Brother Sister Bond?

The relationship you have with your sibling is one of the longest and influential ones; you might ask “why?” But keep on reading, and I will explain.

Time is just a factor which influences the bonds to grow, and then at times it makes the bonds fall apart either way, it is the time that knows how to place things into their right places even though we may like it or may not. Your brothers and sisters might be far from you right now, but your love can reach that distance through us, get flower delivery in Bangalore.  

We all remember the time when we just got excited when our parents told that another core member of our family is on the way. We used to think about what are we going to do with them and the tricks that we are going to teach them as time passes.

But as time passes and the member enters the child’s life things change, the phases of the relationship begin.

There are three phases to this relationship as well, which are again put according to time:


In this phase, the older sibling gets to know that the younger sibling is on the way. This information is something that the younger sibling takes with full excitement and enthusiasm but we all know where the boat gets stuck. As soon as the younger sibling arrives and the parents get busy, the older one is already feeling lonely. He surely tries to grab the attention of the parents but soon realise that it is of no use.

But that also doesn’t last for long as the newborn baby surely requires some attention. With time the baby also grows and finds that the older brother or sister is also responsive.

This is where the real bond starts to develop. You all must be remembering the time when you played with him while using his toys.

The relationship also becomes a little deep when the older one has the responsibility to provide for the younger ones. This scenario happens when the primary caregivers are not present.

Soon the school starts and somewhere this bond goes through the shaping as the older one is always there to teach him about the tricks and one of the most important lessons that are there.

The childhood is amazing with a sibling as they fight a lot but then again, they just come together to tell each other that they will always be there for them. Just remember the time when you fought for a bar of chocolate?


This now takes a turn as the phase of being a teenager begins. The pens and the favourite clothes are being stolen, plans against the no so good aunt or uncle are being made, and this phase is all about the fun that siblings have together. And the best of all, “THE COMPARISONS” are being with each other, this surely does gives rise to a lot of fights as somewhere the little green-eyed monster of jealousy also lurks around, and the younger one somewhere starts thinking that this is all because of the older one.

The trips your family has together are the best, and they also contribute to a deeper understanding of the person.


This add distance to the bond as the older one and the younger one as separated due to college, work-life or the marriage but at this time the siblings only remember the bond that they have shared and are stronger than ever. The home where they once grew up in becomes a special place where they could meet on every occasion. if your sibling has any occasion like birthday or anniversary, then you could always get flower delivery in Bangalore.

Here are also a few other gift ideas:


You could always surprise your sibling with their favourite cake delivery in bangalore, no matter what phase of your bond you are on right now, their favourite cake is always there to cheer them.


something that you always fought for, you could always gift them a box of chocolate to make up for all the time and maybe have one from the box to remind them that you have not changed. it is always good to be a kid again.


Get them a personalized t-shirt, when you personalize them, that simple shirt will again become a little more special for them. They will wear it more often and will enjoy all the happiness that is there.

There is so much more than you can gift them. Maybe the distance is there but the bond that you share with them is still special and will continue to grow like that.

You don’t have to worry about anything, Bloomsvilla is always there to deliver flowers and cakes for you. You are just a click away from ordering.

Syed Ali Hyder

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