The Four Things Holding Your Team Back from Their Best

The Four Things Holding Your Team Back from Their Best

Every business owner wants their team of staff to work together in harmony towards a common goal. The goals of the business should be those of the team of employees. And, ideally everyone is motivated enough to work tirelessly to achieve those goals.

The reality is that this is rarely the case.

Personality quirks, a lack of motivation and an absence of genuine enthusiasm for their responsibilities can all cause a team of otherwise promising employees to fail to realise their potential.

Mostly, these kinds of differences are out of your control.

But there are a few things you can do as a business leader to give your employees the best possible chance of success.

Communication, understanding the needs of your employees and what motivates them are all key factors in turning a good team of workers into a great one.


There is a reason instant messaging services like Slack have become so popular in workplaces all over the world. It gives businesses the tools to stay in constant communication and organise their comms according to task, team or client.

When communications become siloed and there isn’t a free exchange of communication which everyone is privy to, progress and productivity are stilted.

Because messages fail to be passed along properly, key stakeholders don’t have access to the vital information they need to correctly do their jobs. As a result, the blame for failure often gets passed along, only deepening divisions and worsening tensions between employees.


Most employees are not sufficiently motivated by the promise of a monthly salary. Demonstrating that there are rewards on offer for those deserving enough can be a useful way of encouraging productivity.

Workers that feel as though there is little to no reward for producing excellent work will feel demotivated and as though, regardless of the amount of work they put in, the reward they receive will never be commensurate with their effort.

Getting to grips with what motivates your team will give you the tools to keep them on task and on target.

Take Advantage of Each Team Member’s Skills

There is no point fitting square pegs into round holes. Delegating responsibilities based on expediency and nothing else is an ineffective way to run your business.

Take the time to get to know each member of staff. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes puts you in a position to assign tasks accordingly. Employees will appreciate their bosses being cognizant of this and will work willingly to accomplish their delegated tasks.

Alternatively, you can empower them by trusting them with the responsibility of handling it between themselves.

Forming Relationships

It’s an easy thing for business owners to overlook when the pressures of running a successful business rest on their shoulders but organizing team building and social occasions is an important part of fostering strong bonds between employees. Workers that get on with each other – and their superiors – are far more likely to want to work hard for one another.

Nicolas Fincher

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