Hiring for Temporary Projects – Have you Thought About this Possibility?

Hiring for Temporary Projects – Have you Thought About this Possibility?

The latest developments are causing some insecurity and uncertainty for many companies and their employees. Projects are changing suddenly and employees have taken on extra responsibilities from sick co-workers, which can quickly overwhelm even the most productive professionals.

One way to combat depletion and avoid missed deadlines is to consider allocating temporary labor. Have you thought about this possibility?

The hiring of temporary staff by temporary staffing agencies can be the best option to the company on many occasions, for example, to increase the workforce in higher demand periods, replacing professionals in scheduled absences and admission of a manager or director for development of a new project.

In the past, there was the idea that temporary hiring was only a resource used by the retail sector during peak periods, such as Christmas or Mother’s Day. Today, as in the United States and Europe, managers already see the strategic value of hiring temporary projects, after all, it allows access to qualified labor without the need to expand the staff or payroll.

We have gathered everything you need to know about the topic and some tips on how to make a temporary contract with success. So, read the next topics carefully!

What are the Advantages of This Hiring Temp Model?

There are significant advantages to this hiring model, both for companies and professionals.

The implementation of new projects is a good example. It is not always possible, or necessary, to hire a permanent professional for a project that has a beginning, middle and end. Thus, temporary hiring gives flexibility and agility to the process.

In addition, quick access to qualified labor, greater efficiency in activities, the successful completion of the project and the transfer of knowledge to the rest of the team are seen as the main advantages of working with professionals hired by temporary projects.

For professionals, the acquisition of experience, the improvement of the network (networking), flexibility and the exchange of content with other employees are among the main advantages of working on projects. It is not by chance that 84% of temporary professionals affirm that they did have a very positive work experience when they acted in this way.

In addition, according to a study, 44% of the professionals who have worked as temporary workers were hired. This is because, during the work by project, the organization knows the skills, temperament and attitude of the professional in the face of challenges and, thus, it is easier to get it right when it takes effect.

All of these advantages are capable of making the company more solid, improving its performance in the market and, also, increasing the efficiency and agility of activities. Therefore, it is worth investing in the theme.

What to consider when hiring for temporary projects?

The Support of Temporary Staffing Agencies

The company cannot directly hire the professional due to a temporary project, that is, it needs the support of a specialized temporary staffing agency, which will be responsible for hiring and remunerating the employee. Therefore, there is a triangular relationship between company, staffing agency and temporary professional.

The temp agencies offer a great advantage! The temp staffing agency has the know-how to conduct the entire selection process, as well as providing the ideal employee for the job.

Labor Rights

The temporary worker is fully covered by the Labor Laws. The idea of being an informal service is erroneous, to say the least. The difference is that he is actually hired by the agency, not by the service provider.

Therefore, the temporary worker is on the payroll of the specialized temporary staffing agency, having rights such as a formal contract, 13th salary, proportional vacation, as well as workload identical to that of the employees of the company taking the service.

Contract Term

The term of the temporary contract is 180 days (6 months). This period is sufficient to supply a good part of the demands. Even so, the contract can be extended for another 90 days (3 months), if it is proven that the initial conditions for temporary work remain.

In this sense, the total term is up to 270 days (9 months). This does not mean that the contracted professional will work effectively throughout this period, since he can work only a few days a week. The term refers to the start and end date of the contract.

How to Define the Best Temp Agency?

As noted so far, the triad is indispensable: company, temp agency and temporary worker. In addition, a good temp agency will not only help to find the best professionals, within the legal issues, but will also give the necessary support in the dimensioning and schedule of the project to be executed. But how to choose the best temp agency?

Evaluate the Selection Process

It is important to know the agency’s selection process and assess whether it meets the company’s prospects. How are professionals recruited, interviewed and selected?

In some cases, the company taking the service does not even need to be part of the process, already receiving the best professional to start work, which makes the process even more agile. This is also true for higher positions, such as that of managers or directors.

Consider the Strength of the Temp Agency

If the specialized agency has a problem and is unable to pay the labor expenses, this obligation is passed on to the service provider. Therefore, it is very important to look for solid agencies in the market.

At this point, a key question is: how long has the agency been in the market? Some have been operating for decades, operate in several countries and have a history of organic growth. These, of course, are more reliable.

Search for Current Customers

Another interesting measure is to evaluate current customers. Which companies has this agency worked with to offer temporary hiring and what were the results achieved?

When doing this type of research, you will have more consistent evidence about the success of specialized projects, as well as greater security to start the service.

Ultimately, hiring for temporary projects offers a number of advantages, but you need to have the right partners. This requires the involvement of a specialized consultancy, capable of managing the entire contracting process, integrating the best professional into the workplace and, above all, strategically understanding the project’s objective. Thus, seasonal project demands can be successfully met.


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