How to Design High-Converting Landing Pages?

How to Design High-Converting Landing Pages?

For more conversions and leads for your business, you have to create high-converting landing pages. Also known as static pages, they are a single web page that comes up when in Google search results. To get more leads and traffic, you need better landing pages. Unfortunately, creating landing pages is easy, but creating high-converting landing pages is not.

A page like this needs not only an amazing design, but a call-to-action, great copy, social media sharing, and so on. If you can include all these elements on your landing page, the chances of it converting leads are more.

This task sounds a bit daunting and tough. So, here are a few tips that will help you create high-conversion landing pages.

1.      Headline- killing and appealing

The headline is the crucial element because it is where the game begins. If you want people to understand, give interest, and attention to your landing page, you need a killer headline. It is the one thing that will encourage the user to click on the link, stay on the page, and explore the rest of the things that you are offering to them. Some tips:

1. It should be compelling and must tell the reader what they are about to read. That is, sell the product or service through your headline as well.

2. The headline has to be short. Keeping the word limit to 10 is best, if cannot, don’t go beyond 20.

3. If a relevant visual supports the headline, its value increases more.

2.      Find their pain points

Every customer who is staying up late at night and searching for solutions on the internet is worried about some kinds of stuff. Your audience is no different. So, if you want your landing page to convert more leads, you have to work toward it by understanding what problems your customers are facing and giving them solutions for it.

If you can do that, it will be impressive, and your audience will become your loyal customers who won’t shy away from sharing your links with friends and family.

3.      A persuasive sub-headline

Another vital element for an efficient landing page is a subheading. The headline makes the user click on the page and explore. The sub-heading is the next thing that ensures that the reader stays and reads the whole thing. The combination of these two is a powerful package that can help you get a high-converting landing page. Keep these tips in mind:

1. A compelling sub-headline will be beneath your headline.

2. It needs to go deep and explain the headline in a better and more engaging way.

4.      Using visuals which are relevant is necessary

Pictures speak more than words, and you have to use this for designing an effective landing page with high conversion rates. If you look on Google for best landing pages, you will see one thing which is common in them-videos and images.

As we all know, the human brain responds better to visuals and remembers them for long. So, for better conversion and traffic and ranking, using visuals for your landing pages is the right choice.

Here are some tips:

1. The visuals you use should be compelling, interesting, relevant, and high-quality.

2. Instead of using stock images, create original visuals, and edit them using Canva. Use the same tool for other things like creating infographics, newsletters, and so on.

5.      Clear explanation

The motto of the landing page is to make things about your services and products clearer to the audience. If they don’t understand what you are selling, why would they buy it? So, if you can do this using just the headline and sub-headline, it is excellent. Otherwise, you have to write a paragraph or more for the same.

It might take a different approach for every business. But make sure whatever you do, it is straightforward and fun.

Why do you need a good landing page?

Here’s how an effective landing page can help you

1.      It helps with ranking

A landing page uses specific sets of keywords and uses Google Adwords for promotion. This makes them quite effective as rank grabbers. If you do it right, a landing page will increase your website’s ranking in Google search.

2.      Making the process of buying or subscribing easy

A good land page offers you the chance to move your customers up the marketing funnel with ease. In simple terms, it means it encourages people to subscribe or buy fast.

3.      It helps in promoting a new product

A landing page focuses on one specific topic. That can be a new product that you wish to sell or increase the sale of an existing one. So, a landing page with this helps:

Understand the success of one product by isolating it from the rest of your website.

To create a successful business on which people click and make a profit for you, a high-converting landing page is vital. Start with these tips, and you will be well on your way.

Syed Ali Hyder

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