Healthcare Trade Shows to Lookout For in the B2B Environment for 2019

Healthcare Trade Shows to Lookout For in the B2B Environment for 2019

Healthcare is a dynamic industry, and it has a constant flow of new discoveries, medical researches, and other aspects constantly upgrading for the betterment of the patients. This is the reason medical professionals appreciate trade shows catering to their field. They take out time from their tightly packed schedules to attend these events.

The most innovative and latest products are showcased by manufacturers which enable service providers, and suppliers to see the product or device in action. These B2B trade shows are the best way to extend business relationships. Let’s have a look at some of the leading events in the healthcare industry where you can get the chance to connect with leading whey protein suppliers.

Top Healthcare Trade Shows For 2019


This event has been taking place for 40 years, and it has its own unique place in the sector. It is said to be the largest of all the trade fairs in the world. Thousands of international experts attend the fair and almost all the prominent decision makers of the sector grace this international trade show with their presence.

The China Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF)

The China Medical Equipment Fair takes place twice every year. The city to host the fair changes for every edition. Top medical device manufacturing companies showcase their products in the CMEF which makes it the leading event for the medical devices market.

IDS Dental

The developments and trends along with the latest products are introduced in the show. These types of business events though cater to a subfield of the major health & medical sector, but still, they are considered really important in the sector. More than 155,000 trade visitors from all over the world attend this event.

Institute For Healthcare Improvements (IHI) Annual Summit

The main reason behind this summit is to improve patient care in the community. Attendees of this summit and similar B2B trade shows are expected to learn and practice the new methods that are approved for the better treatment of the patients. It not only focuses on the medical treatment of the patients; in fact, it includes techniques to improve the behavioral and emotional management as well.

International Forum On Quality And Safety In Healthcare

The remarkable thing about this event is that 3,000 delegates from more than 70 countries are the constant part and attend the event regularly. The attendees share their experiences and insights whereas; the quality experts share the cutting-edge details about the quality improvements.

The Society Of Teachers Of Family Medicine Annual Spring Conference (STFM)

2019 is the 52nd year for this conference, and it has been attended by the several big names yearly. The sessions highlight the policies and provide information to the visitors. New technologies are also presented in such trade events and conferences which can improve and training programs and research.


The event has been the leader for the beauty sector. It is considered as one of the best international platforms for the wellness and cosmetics industry. It caters to all the aspects of the beauty industry and is one of the prestigious trade events in the world.


It is the top medical show in the US showcasing almost 1,400 exhibitors from pharmaceutical companies, laboratory, surgical equipment suppliers, medical technology providers, diagnostic suppliers, and many more. The huge number of attendees ensure the amazing lead generation and the information is exchanged effectively here.

E-Health Conference

Digital professionals attend this annual event to make connections, learn from one another, and strong networking. Insights and plans are shared to make the digitalization more effective in the healthcare sector. Health Informatics awards are also distributed in the conference.


The shows, summits, and conferences mentioned here are all very important, and each serves a unique purpose. You should decide according to your venture and interest that which upcoming fairs are relevant and cannot be missed. All of the trade events listed above are really big and gather a relevant crowd which can generate leads and help you learn about new trends and technologies in healthcare.

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