GogoPDF: The Smartest Way to Handle Your Electronic Files

GogoPDF: The Smartest Way to Handle Your Electronic Files

Advanced technology has been a significant influence on the innovative way of handling electronic files. Many years ago, people faced different difficulties in dealing with digital files. It’s because some of them didn’t know how to do the job the right way, and it also added to their problem when they had limited access to any computer software.

However, in this era of modern technology, the internet offers tons of different websites that come with free assistance and a set of helpful file tools. One of these sites that have earned trust and popularity from most electronic file users around the world is GogoDPF. Here’s a list of online file tools of GogoPDF below and check each feature that will significantly give you the smartest way to handle your electronic files.

Repair PDF Tool

If you’ve been using PDF files for many years, you might have experienced that your files get damaged or corrupted because of malware or computer viruses. You would surely find it stressful and frustrating. Because of this, the GogoPDF platform has created the repair PDF kit to help you resolve this issue.

To start, visit the GogoPDF website to get your damaged PDFs uploaded on its tool online. The system will then start the whole file repair process by restoring as much corrupted data and information as possible. However, some PDFs become infeasible to get restored because of the extent of the damage caused by computer viruses and malware.

But for those that can still be fixed, you only have to wait for a couple of minutes, and you’ll get your newly recovered PDF files downloaded in your device’s file storage. You would then expect either partial or complete file recovery in your PDF files. That’s the quickest file restoration process using the GogoPDF platform.

PDF Encryption Kit

Unwanted file access and unpermitted use of information can sometimes be inevitable because of online and offline file-sharing availability. Because of this, GogoPDF has made this next file tool accessible on its website, and that’s the PDF password protection kit. The entire encryption process is pretty easy and quick.

To begin, just visit the GogoPDF website and upload the password-free PDF files on its tool online. The system will then require you to create a secure and personalized password. You can integrate different characters like small and capital letters, numbers, and other symbols you want to add. Within minutes, the newly encrypted PDF files are now ready for download and use. That’s the quickest PDF encryption process using the GogoPDF platform.

Unlock Secured PDF Tool

Adding a password to your PDF files will make your files safe from any form of unauthorized file access and use. However, if your PDFs only contain general knowledge and information, keeping them password-free seems to be the best option. Hence, you can always utilize the unlock-PDF kit of GogoPDF in removing the password in your PDF files.

The whole decryption process will only take a few minutes to complete. Just get your encrypted PDF files uploaded on the GogoPDF tool online. Please wait for the tool to finish taking off the password. After that, you can then save the newly decrypted PDF files straight to your device’s file storage. That’s the fastest decryption procedure using the GogoPDF platform.

File Conversion Kit

Another helpful file tool of GogoPDF is the file conversion kit. It lets you transform your electronic files into other formats that you need. If you have tons of Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets, you can always convert them to PDF files for easy access and viewing on your device.

Moreover, if you have important documents like licenses, certificates, and other valuable papers in PDF format, you tend to store them for many years. Hence, to keep the same files’ quality even after keeping them on your device for a long time, you have to convert PDF to PDF/A using this file conversion kit of GogoPDF. For more details and file conversion options, you can visit the GogoPDF website anytime you want.

PDF Merge Tool

For those who still struggle to organize their PDF files, this next file tool of GogoPDF has been created for them. That’s the PDF merge kit that will help you keep your computer file folders well-organized and neat. You can have two or more PDFs combined in a single PDF file. Hence, you can merge those files you commonly use for the same purpose.

If you have PDFs you got from the same source, you can also merge them together as one file. You can classify your PDF files according to the same category you think will work best for you. By doing so, you can avoid your PDF files getting cluttered or scattered on the screen of the device you’re currently using. As a result, you’ll surely make your next PDF file search quick and easy because you would know what computer file folder to access and which merged files to open.


While many people still face different challenges in handling their electronic files, you can have a totally different experience using the right tools of GogoPDF. Hence, the next time you need one in the future, always check the GogoPDF website to access and use the file tools you need completely free.

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