Everything you Need to Know About Hair Transplant

Everything you Need to Know About Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant?

In practice, the area where the grafts are taken is shaved, the hair and its follicle are removed and implanted on the bald area. There are several methods adapted to different baldness. The strip transplant is the oldest technique and is intended for people with severe alopecia. The practitioner takes a strip of scalp (1 or 2 cm wide by 15 cm long) from a lined area and then closes with a suture. He cuts grafts from a few hairs which he replanted in the bald area using a needle. A session lasts 3 to 5 hours and allows you to transplant more than 5000 hairs.

It is more suitable for less alopecia. The session lasts 3 to 5 hours and allows you to graft more than 1000 grafts. Healing is quick and discreet and you recover quickly.

Who Can Wear Hair Implants?

The hair transplant is for those whose skin of the skull is visible, whose forehead and / or temples are bald. And men are not the only ones affected. Because of stress, menopause , too many solicitations … the hair falls out , is sparse: enough to give us complexes. Suddenly, some women do not hesitate to resort to it but the method still has an aesthetic drawback: the area must be shaved before being able to proceed with the transplant.

Are the Implants Permanent?

Yes, because the grafts are taken from the back of the neck: an area where they never fall. In addition, the result is natural since you use your own hair.

What are the Advantages of the Hair Implant?

Many people have a problem with hair loss. In order to combat this problem, people are looking for new methods. The hair implant is one of the most effective methods. In fact, this operation is often also called a hair transplant. So no matter what name you choose, it is the only way to restore hair. Hair transplantation is an operation. Although there may be a slight pain, the results are worth it. In the hair implant, the steps of hair collection and implantation are followed. First, the hair roots are collected from the patient.. This is called the hair collection or extraction phase. The next step is hair implantation. Before deciding to have a hair transplant in turkey, it is important to know the payoffs. Without knowing the gains and benefits of hair implants, it is difficult to make a decision.

Good Natural Hair with a Hair Implant

The hairline is an important thing. It’s the first thing we see when we look at someone. So, a natural looking hairline is the key to a hair transplant. But with the new methods of hair implants, it is possible to achieve natural looking hair. After a full recovery, it is almost impossible to understand if a person has had an operation.

Dense Looking Hair

Another benefit of having a hair transplant is having denser hair. Over time, the hair might look thinner. Even though there is no hair loss, this look will not result in the fuller hair that we want. Thus, it is possible to achieve a fuller appearance with a hair transplant. The roots of the hair are implanted in thinner areas. In this way, it is possible to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance.

Zero Scar Zero Mark

Now there are no scar implant operations. In the past, people feared scars. But the new methods completely eliminate any scars or markings. So when you have FUE hair transplant you don’t have to worry about ant marks. Everything will disappear after a full recovery.

High Success Rate of Hair Implants

In addition to no scaring and no scarring, the operation has high success rates. With new techniques, it is possible to achieve good hair transplant results. When patients follow all the instructions, the results of their hair implants are quite good. In addition, the chances of a second operation are extremely low. In this case, many people believe that hair transplantation has great benefits.

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