How Can Graphic Designers Increase Their Income?

How Can Graphic Designers Increase Their Income?

As a graphic designer, you should not have too many problems finding consistent work. On the other hand, the demand for this profession has oversaturated the market, and some graphic designers have been struggling to make a living.

Taking a path of a freelancer could be one of the best decisions you could make. There are multiple ways to monetize your graphic design skills. If you would like to learn how you can do that, continue reading this article.

Join Print-on-Demand Store

Custom merchandise stores are one of the fastest-growing ecommerce markets. The demand for print-on-demand t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and other products has been there for a while, but now you have face masks that have also found their way on the market.

Most POD stores would welcome an experienced graphic designer if it meant having someone who provides new and interesting designs. You can use a mockup generator to create quick designs that you can show to a potential employer. And if they are happy with what you bring to the table, the odds of landing a job as one of the designers on a print-on-demand store are quite high.

Why should you consider this idea? Well, 16.1% of global retail sales came from ecommerce in 2020, and with the ongoing pandemic, more and more people have been shopping on the internet. Therefore, working in the ecommerce industry is one of the best options at the moment.

Help Photographers With Their Editing Woes

As a graphic designer, you should be familiar with the basic features of photo-editing software. For example, Photoshop. 

Hardly any professional photographer is keen to edit their own photos, given how monotonous and time-consuming the task is. Instead, they would focus on another part of their job and leave photo editing to someone else. And that someone else could be you.

Be it additional effects, zooming in and out where necessary, or removing irrelevant photo elements, you should not have that many problems taking on this task. Thus, if you get an opportunity to work as a photo editor, give it a try and see where it gets you. 

Collaborate With Book Writers 

The old saying of not judging a book by its cover may sound nice, but it hardly applies in reality, particularly when it comes to marketing books. Even self-published authors on Amazon who rely on e-book sales need a catchy book cover if they want to stand out from the competition and establish themselves. 

Collaborating with just a few writers to publish books regularly should create a decent source of income for you. Great book covers cost as much as a couple of thousand dollars, but if the investment pays off and an author ends up selling more books because of a catchy book cover, they would not hesitate to invest. 

Start Blogging

Starting a blog as a graphic designer may not seem like that good of an idea because your craft is not about writing, right? Well, you do not have to be that much of a great writer to monetize a blog. 

If anything, having graphic design skills will give you an advantage since you can create visual content that is easy to digest. Instead of endless walls of text, you could emphasize graphics and other visuals when blogging. 

Once there is an audience that is big enough to monetize the blog, you may start thinking about monetizing it. Some bloggers prefer to run ads; others promote digital products like online courses. 

Creating a crowdfunding page is also an option, though it would mean relying on your fans to support you. 

Finally, you could offer sponsored content publishing for those who would like to publish their articles on your blog and get a backlink for some SEO improvements. 

Stream Your Work on Twitch TV

While the majority of Twitch TV channels are about playing video games, the platform has grown a lot recently, and it opened doors for a different kind of content. Now, you can find content creators who play chess, cook, play musical instruments, or host talk shows.

It just so happens that some graphic designers are also working as streamers. A channel in which they interact with an audience while working is a good opportunity to make money. It helps if you have an entertaining personality, but that is unnecessary if you can compensate for it with pure talent.

As far as monetization goes, streamers receive donations and subscriptions from their viewers. Some also have a YouTube channel to post stream highlights, though that may be a bit too hard for someone who produces graphic design content. But then again, something like an educational series of videos could be a good idea.


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