Google Analytics Glitch: Many Seeing a Drop in their Website Traffic

Google Analytics Glitch: Many Seeing a Drop in their Website Traffic

Google Analytics has always helped track website traffic to several people. Unbelievably, it provided valuable data to the businesses, which urged for more creative and compelling strategies to implement.

However, I have recently experienced a drop in Google Analytic’s performance of my China B2B marketplace – blindly depending on Google’s algorithm not only made me wait for a longer time but also compromised integrity. Others on Twitter have also reported the Google Analytics glitch.

On 17th December 2019, I noticed a significant drop on my website. This unannounced problem has turned up a few issues at my end, and surely, it will require time to get out of the risk as soon as possible.

I have come up to the point that the leading reason for the problem is an overloaded server, which becomes unreachable for the users. The platform itself provides details that often, network congestion, outage, or even website maintenance can be the biggest threat to Google Analytics.

Real-time reports are one of the features to test if the tool is really not working. I performed a quick test and received negative results. It is showing several active visitors but failing at reporting data in the reports. This failure is making me look for the support and troubleshooting options so that I can make most of its use again. 

Not relying exactly on the real-time reports, I again looked for other tests to verify if the account is showing actual status. Google Tag Assistant is another test to check Google Analytics performance. It gives an insight about tracking code posted on the website. If the assistant is helping you identify any errors associated with the hits sent to Google Analytics, then you are on the right track.

These useful methods provided much support to recognize the fault at earliest. Since the graph is reporting a complete decline, it is becoming challenging to track website traffic and making it suffer from digital efficiency. Let’s see what Google has to say on the Google Analytics glitch.

Syed Ali Hyder

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