Is The Ford Transit Custom Sport a Good Lease Van?

Is The Ford Transit Custom Sport a Good Lease Van?

The Ford Transit Custom comes with a lot of different options for customization and tweaking, meaning that a single van can fill a wide range of different roles. However, there are still specific body types that need to be used as a base, and one is the Ford Transit Custom Sport.

Is it worth leasing, or does it only fit a particular niche that you will rarely ever need? Here is a quick overview of whether you should consider it for your next lease vehicle.

What is the Ford Transit Custom Sport?

Like all other Ford Transit Custom varieties, the Ford Transit Custom Sport is a multi-purpose vehicle that can serve multiple different functions. As a medium-to-large van option, the Transit Custom Sport uses the same basic design but with a range of added benefits and tweaks.

This includes things like better suspension, a unique styling kit, better monitoring options for tire pressure, and even an improved base engine that allows it to reach much faster speeds. All of this makes the Transit Custom Sport a quicker option that still retains great carrying capacity.

What is the Ford Transit Custom Sport best for?

As a van, the Ford Transit Custom will always be best for transporting either people or objects, no matter what configuration you end up leasing. However, since each body is slightly different and can come with a variety of different extra options, the Sport is still a unique choice.

In this case, the extra speed of the Sport and the improved suspension allows more control and speed on most kinds of ground, which might be useful for making deliveries or transporting things around on a tight schedule. Even at lower speeds, the improved suspension can help a lot.

All Customs can be adjusted to have either open space, seating, or fold-away seating in the back section. This means that you can choose a Ford Transit Custom Sport that suits your needs or go for a more general option that can easily support both roles with one simple seat adjustment.

What options can the Ford Transit Custom Sport have?

Like all Ford Transit Custom models, the rear section is spacious enough to hold quite a lot of different items at once, and there are multiple back wall options for different designs. This means that you could end up with a solid back, one with a grate-covered window or no wall at all.

There are also countless options for how the vehicle is set up in general – different body styles, new rear sections, and even alternate body heights or lengths to create bigger and longer vehicles. These allow each lease to be wildly different.

If you want to compare different Ford Transit Custom Sport models, or just look into the kind of features that might be worth using, check sites like Swiss Vans for an in-depth overview. They can offer a lot of leasing options and different vans to compare, all with their own configurations.



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