6 Ways to Fix Error 404 in no Time on Your Website

6 Ways to Fix Error 404 in no Time on Your Website

Not a story or trend, but definitely, everyone must have come across the time when error 404 popped on the screen. Have you also faced such issues in your browsing life?

It mostly happens when a user types a wrong URL or click on the link, which is no more available on the internet. As soon as you see the message “Page Not Found” on the screen, the expressions and emotions eventually change.

Such errors are way too common in the digital world, especially when surfing the internet. However, things get change when it prompts on your website. This is undoubtedly a problem because you think the network has gone nuts, but maybe you are missing something.

It is time to learn some tricks that can make the web browsing journey of your visitors smooth and easy.

We have covered from the basic concept where you will get to know about 404 error messages and then how it impacts marketing efforts. Just reaching to the end, you will also learn the tricks for coping from the error message that you might encounter on your B2B trade site.

What Is A 404 Error Message?

It must have happened in your past that you typed a URL and suddenly see “Error 404 Not Found”. The 404 error message is Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) status code, which instantly prompts on the user screen when the server fails to find a request page or content.

Let us explain this further. When you enter a URL, the web browser connects with the server. It thoroughly explores the directory to match your search. When the search results are not found, the user gets a 404 error message.

Among many HTTP errors, a 404 error message is something that has impacted a vast global internet user community.

Not Necessary You Get the Same Error 404 Message

It is possible that you may get a different error message. This happens mostly because of different browsers and servers. Hence, you may get a different message, but the process will be the same.

Below are some of the common errors, which means the same – Page Not Found!

  1. Error 404 Page Not Found
  2. 404 Error
  3. Error 404
  4. Error 404 Not Found
  5. HTTP 404 Not Found
  6. 404 Service Not Found

How Can 404 Errors Impact Marketing Of Your Trade Site?

Do you know the fundamentals of effective web design? Intuitive navigation plays a vital role in adding value to the user experience. In this way, such errors become bad luck for the visitors, and then they end up losing interest in browsing the website.

Make sure that with these errors, you can lose buyers. Aren’t you clear about the process? Look here then. When a visitor reaches your site and doesn’t get desired results, then higher are the chances for the competitor to achieve more visitors than you.

This will definitely affect your performance and growth.

Not limited to the web design, error 404 can hurt your SEO practices too. This can be dangerous for your online reputation because it will hurt your total count in the search results.

Remember, Google analyzes your performance based on the bounce rate. This feature tells about the number of visitors reaching a site but leaving it quickly then. Google is one step ahead of what you think and do.

Always keep in mind that the first thing that keeps people coming to your site is user experience. If the design of the B2B website is weak, then you should make yourself ready to encounter error 404 messages.

6 Ways to Fix Error 404 on Your B2B Trade Site

Not necessarily, but your site can show HTTP error 404. Do not just panic or feel losing the tech game. You can look at the top ways to fix the error for providing a valuable user experience to the prospects.

It is common in the internet world. Every website must or may have gone through difficult times. Even the developers of online B2B trade sites have faced the challenge, but then they covered their flaws by getting pro with these useful tips.

These six amazing hacks can help you get rid of 404 errors, but wait! It is not over. You have to audit your site until all the flaws are not fixed properly.

1. Redirect the Page

One of the easiest ways to get out of the glitch is by redirecting the page. It allows the user to fix a 404 error without struggling with the code or going the extra mile.

Using 301 redirect, you can fix your site’s performance. This code sends a signal to the web browser regarding the content being moved to a new URL.

2. Modify the Link

If the above trick is not helping you, another thing you can’t ignore is fixing a human error.

The server doesn’t need to be at mistake every time. Maybe you have entered a wrong URL. Always proofread the link before pressing the enter key. It can save you time because every second is essential.

3. Restore Deleted Pages

Not every time, but most of the time, the trade sites have to update their web pages for bringing up new content. This often happens due to the latest trends or revolutions to make people aware of.

When such changes occur, the developer has to delete the page for adding up a new page with new content. However, it is still the biggest flaw in web browsing practices. No matter how many pages you delete, it will never stop a user from searching it again and again.

The best trick to get rid of such errors is redirecting the user to the new page. It is not tricky but a convenient practice that is a must whenever you update a trade site.

Other than these simplest traditional hacks, you can also make use of the tools that can fix a error 404 in just a matter of time.

4. Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows users to find error 404. As stated earlier, Google is way more intelligent than you can ever think of.

If you have verified the trade site, Google will still crawl it. The simple step to check crawl errors is creating an account and then click on the “Crawl” option to view the errors.

5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The next most useful tool you cannot miss is the SEO spider. It is more user-friendly and efficient compared with Google Search Console.

If you want to make things better for your site professionally, then use its paid features.

6. Ahrefs

Do not miss a chance to make your site perform flawlessly. This tool can help you manage multiple websites. One of the best features to rely on for this issue is a broken link checker.

With a broken link checker, the developer can easily inspect the site that will end up working correctly for the users.

How Can You Use 404 Pages As Branding?

People who find opportunities in failures are the game changer to the tech industry. You don’t always need to take 404 pages as a failure. There is one more thing to get creative with it.

If you choose to remain in one color scheme, then you are good to go with promoting your brand personality. This is how it can get more impressions and an opportunity to bring the attention of more visitors.


It is, no doubt, a very hectic process to give your trade site a certificate for performing flawlessly. At times, things can go beyond what we expect.

This post is helpful for developers and web surfers in understanding error 404 and how to deal with it. You can also fix these issues once the concept is clear.

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