Find duplicate images with the reverse Image Search tool

Find duplicate images with the reverse Image Search tool

Before knowing about how to find duplicate images, you should probably know why you should perform reverse image search as this is a question that the majority of you must be pondering upon just like we did before being well-aware of this technique and the results that can be obtained by it. You guys should know that the reverse photo search technique is the ones that refer to the image searching mantra in which you input images in the search bar instead of the keywords are the main input query describing the images. Without any delay, let us move towards the reasons why there was a need to initiate reverse image search and why and how you can avail the services of this reverse image mantra today!

Why perform reverse photo lookup?

  1. Now starting with the most basic uses of the reverse image search, you should know that with this technique, you can easily find the objects and the subjects of and on the image. With reverse image searching, you can easily help yourself in identifying all the major and minor details on an image!
  2. If you want to get extensive details about stuff on an image then you can also do a reverse search, you can take the example of Pinterest, you will see millions and billions of pictures with products and places on them, but none of them have any kind of details on them. Now by using the reverse image search technique, you can easily help yourself in getting all the major and minor details about the products and their availability.
  3. Now the highlight of the topic is the finding of duplicate images from the web, with the reverse picture search tools you can easily get help and find the similar and relative images on the web. You must consider the situations in which you need an image of different size and dimension to fit in your content or website. In these situations, you can easily use the reverse image search technique and can get thousands of different designs and visually similar images.
  4. You will be surprised to know that with this amazing technology you can easily look upon the ownership of the image, there are times where you need meta details about an image so that you can consume them in your content easily without any negative effects and legalities. The reverse image search mantra can help you in getting to know about the ownership and the copyrights of an individual image. You can also know about its origin and where it was first published.
  5. If you are at risk of losing your images to the hands of immature website owners, then you don’t worry about it as the reverse image search technique comes to your rescue here. You just have to add your image in the search bar and make a search on it, the search results will tell you about the different sites and sources on which your images or similar images are being used without paying your credits and without your authorization. By detecting image plagiarism, you can simply do well in your SEO score!
  6. Another important use of the reverse photo lookup technique is that you can uncover fake accounts and people approaching you for work or other marketing frauds. You just have to save the social media images/ display pictures on the account and do a search on them. You will know whether the account belongs to a genuine person or is running with fake descriptions.

Now you must be wondering about the platform that you can use for doing a reverse search, well you must know that there are different search engines on the web that can help you with it, but we will recommend you to use third party websites that can simply help you by outsourcing the results from different search engines plus by keeping your input data safe and secure!

Reverse image search by duplichecker!

The best reverse image search tool on the web that can help you find similar images is by dupli checker, the tool is free and easy to use, and you can use the following steps to make a reverse image search with this tool!

  1. First of all, go to and open the new webpage on your device, you can access it on your desktop and mobile as well.
  2. Click on the uploading button to grab image files from the drive, or you can use the image URLs to upload the image that you want to do a search on.
  3. You also have the option of entering keywords within the tool for finding relative images!
  4. After input, hit the ‘search similar image’ button.

The tool usually takes a couple of seconds to access the image and then gives you results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

Syed Ali Hyder

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