Famous B2B Thought Leaders to Follow in 2020

Famous B2B Thought Leaders to Follow in 2020

Like many other influential individuals in the real world, there are popular figures in the online community, which are equally significant. B2B marketing is quite a different niche where “thought leaders” are often sought after for attention-grabbing ideas.  

Influential thought leaders are of great interest in the B2B industry. These individuals are way too remarkable in sufficiently writing on the topics that are worth to give a read. You have to be really pickier in selecting the most genuine thought leaders from the ordinaries. 

This post is for the people like you to explore a few fantastic B2B thought leaders who have contributed a lot in the niche for a long time. Let’s dig deeper into the influencers’ community to find which ones are fruitful enough to follow in 2020. 

B2B Thought Leaders in the Limelight

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas B2B leaders

The most passionate and active social media blogger in the blogging community. We can simply vouch for his honesty and authentic verdicts regarding on-going trends in the B2B market. Bullas’s contribution is exceptionally vast – you can simply view all of his captivating work published on jeffbullas.com. 

Interestingly, Bullas successfully befitted as a leading thought leader in the B2B marketplace while Forbes.com endorsed him as “Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers”. His recognition in the market became stronger by the time while he further achieved a milestone of publishing the most resourceful book “How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media.”

Continuous developments in the online community and B2B marketplace have encouraged the large audience to follow and interact with Jeff Bullas. To this date, Jeff has more than 196k fan-following on twitter and 3,000,000 readerships on the personal blog.  

Todd Wheatland

Todd Wheatland  B2B leader

Among plenty of thought leaders in successfully leading brands worldwide, Todd Wheatland established its name by showcasing his B2B marketing capabilities. Today, Wheatland has achieved several milestones – one you can count in making the companies fit into the top 500 fortune list. 

This contribution is not enough to portray his potential. Wheatland is a renowned B2B marketing Guru and an influential thought leader. His awe-inspiring B2B services are well-recognized in Hong Kong B2B platform. You can easily find fantastic tips and tricks to boost your business in the international manufacturing market within no time. 

Well, Wheatland is famous for what he speaks and produce in a digital network; it is least to say that he has sparked the influencers’ community. The vast fan-following and readership promoted Wheatland’s contribution exclusively across the B2B marketing network.

Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner B2B Online Leader

Michael Brenner stepped forward with many distinct marketing strategies and innovations in early 2000. He is now marked as a top Business Speaker and attained a professional position in the world, which is no doubt remarkable and inspiring for all of us. 

You can’t find any accurate and interesting fact in the blogging community closer to Brenner’s, and that’s what his specialty is. He has hands-on knowledge regarding in-depth B2B marketing and how to stand the business at the top of the competition. Brenner is a well-known contributor to diverse journals, as well as Forbes.

If you are looking for extremely reliable and authentic marketing strategies, Brenner can be your biggest help. 

Tom Martin

Tom Martin

A businessman himself, Tom Martin is another phenomenal thought leader to follow in 2020. China B2B platform is growing every single day – competition is becoming fierce and unbelievable. In this case, Martin is the best choice to reach in minutes. 

With extensive experience and competent knowledge about digital marketing, Martin has completely revolutionized influencers’ community by adding his thought-provoking verdicts. He has served 20 years in building successful business presences globally. 

B2B marketing is regularly changing in dynamics – all you need to do is follow Tom Martin and avail premium support in the least possible time. “The Invisible Sale” is his recent publication containing the bulk of knowledge and more profound insights about B2B marketers. 

Final Thoughts

Not every individual has the power to influence the community – we have listed down some fantastic contributors in B2B marketing that are worth following. These thought leaders are not famous for what they published. Instead, they have proved an exemplary contribution, which is always helpful for emerging and contemporary businesses. Give these thought leaders a quick view and explore what you lacked before.

Syed Ali Hyder

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