7 Tips to Keep your Face Hydrated

7 Tips to Keep your Face Hydrated

Good flawless skin is what we all aim for. From our skin to skin texture, everything counts when it comes to great skin. A good skincare routine and protecting your skin from damages to makeup and outdoor exposure are the big steps towards healthy skin.

However, problems like open pores, pigmented and dry skin can definitely be disappointing for anyone. Though no one is able to transform their skin overnight, considering the little routine habits that result in poor skin texture and tone can be quite helpful. Dehydration of skin is another such problem!

We understand that water is important for us and our facial skin is not an exception to this. The importance of hydration for better skin health can’t be denied, however, we often forget this very important skincare routine part.

How to Keep your Skin Hydrated?

Remember that dry and dehydrated skin aren’t the same things. According to the best dermatologist in Lahore, dehydration refers to the skin that lacks water while dry skin doesn’t have sufficient sebum production. No matter what’s causing your skin to be dehydrated, there are many things you can try to keep your skin hydrated.

1- Choose Your Cleansing Agent Carefully

Cleansing is probably the most basic and yet important step in one’s skincare routine. Talking about the choice of cleansing agent, it can make a huge difference in your skin’s hydration level. There are hundreds of cleansers available in the market. A strong and alcohol-containing cleansing agent can dry your skin so it’s better to choose the mild agents if you want to protect your skin health in the long run.

2- Watch Out Your Face Washing Time

Not only the way you wash your face but how many times you are washing it is important. Many people think that washing their face frequently can be good for your skin. However, the fact is too much face-washing can strip off the natural face oils from your skin leaving you with dry skin. So, to avoid this problem it is advisable to limit your face washing to two times a day to avoid any side effects.

3- Don’t Skip Your Moisturizer

Moisturizer is an important part of one’s skincare routine. The use of moisturizer helps to lock down the water content in your skin however, many people are unaware of the proper use of moisturizer.

It is commonly believed that using moisturizer during summer isn’t necessary because the weather conditions aren’t dry anymore. But be mindful that the only right way to use a skin moisturizer is to apply it evenly before any makeup product, irrespective of the weather conditions.

4- Don’t Ever Skip Your Sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is another important part of a good skincare routine. Sunscreens, available in huge varieties, are known to protect our skin from damage from UV radiations coming from the sun. These UV rays can dry out our skin and leave it deprived of water. So, to avoid this damage it is recommended to always apply your skin screen after a moisturizer to help your skin retain its water content.

5- Avoid Too Much Heat

No matter how much you enjoy long hot showers but be mindful that these showers can be bad for your skin. This prolonged exposure to heat can dry out the skin’s water content leaving it dry and irritated. So, it is better to limit your shower times to help your skin look hydrated and younger.

6- Limit The Use of Facial Masks

There are hundreds of different types of facial masks available in the market. These masks can be good for your skin but do you know that too much use of these masks is another cause of skin damage. These masks can leave your skin dry by absorbing oils from your skin. So, it is advisable to use a face mask only once a week to protect your skin from dryness and dehydration.

7- Apply Petroleum Jelly

Use of petroleum jelly at night, especially when you are experiencing dry flaky skin is surely helpful. It can be great to protect your skin from dehydration but make sure you don’t leave it on your skin after waking up to avoid clogged pores.

Bottom Line!

 Skin dehydration is a big deal and can be very damaging in the long run. While you follow all these remedies to protect your skin from dehydration make sure you visit your dermatologist if nothing seems to work.

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