What is EZ Battery? Know About it Basics

What is EZ Battery? Know About it Basics

How many dead batteries are lying around your house? 10? 15? Or more?!

Batteries are used in many objects that we use daily. TV remotes, clocks, cellphones, UPSs, torches, toys, even your car runs on batteries!

Batteries are a convenient and portable power source. Most devices that we utilize in our day-to-day lives function using batteries. But unfortunately, their life-span isn’t too long. The batteries that we use in remotes and watches last around 3 to 6 months. Dead batteries are usually thrown away. Either these end up in landfills, or these are recycled.

Rejuvenating Dead Batteries- Why is it Needed?

According to mpoweruk.com, “15 billion primary batteries are thrown out every year around the world, and all of those end up in landfills”. Batteries should be carefully recycled. Various types of batteries generate toxic products like mercury, cadmium, etc.

Saving Money: According to the U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste, 3 billion dry-cell batteries are purchased by Americans every year to power operate radios, watches, laptops, computers, and toys. Instead of using replacement batteries, one can implement a simple EZ battery reconditioning method by Banjig to bring the dead batteries to life. This will easily save more money.

Saving Mother Earth: Globalisation and Industrialization are already doing enough damage to the environment. Improper disposal of batteries results in leakage of mercury, cadmium, lithium, and nickel. These metals contaminate soil and groundwater, which ultimately harms nature. If the dead batteries are incinerated in an industrial setup, toxic fumes are released into the air. EZ Battery Reconditioning is a small but effective way to reduce this burden on the environment.

Protecting Lives: Toxic materials generated from the batteries poison the ecosystem. The toxic materials, when they come in contact with water, enters the food chain. The level of contamination increases as we go higher up in the food chain. Mercury was one of the most toxic substances generated from batteries. It proved highly hazardous to life forms. In 1996, an act was passed in the U.S., which phased out this toxic metal from different batteries.

Time to Recondition Old Batteries

Batteries are easier to recondition when it has lost 60-70% of its power. It is relatively easy to recover it at this stage using the EZ battery reconditioning guide. However, batteries that are worn out completely cannot be recovered fully. Batteries that have suffered corrosion or other damage to plates cannot be recovered.

Car batteries are containing highly corrosive sulphuric acid. It should be carefully charged. Besides, lead is also present, which is highly toxic. Sulfation is very common in lead-acid batteries. It comes with ageing.

Lead sulfate accumulates in the batteries of cars. This can quickly be recovered using the EZ reconditioning guide. If the procedure is followed correctly, the life span of car batteries can be increased effectively.

Use of Battery Recondition Process

EZ battery reconditioning course is a full-proof solution to recover old batteries. Saving money is lucrative. Regenerating old batteries will save a lot of money. And it would not add toxins to the environment.

Most batteries used in day to day lives can be renewed by following the EZ battery reconditioning course. The EZ reconditioning guide offers written instructions and illustrated examples, which will make the process much more comfortable. 

As mentioned earlier, car batteries can be successfully recovered using recondition methods. Besides, laptop batteries can also be recovered. Using laptops for prolonged hours puts pressure on the batteries. Sometimes batteries are also overcharged, but the power drains out quickly.

Reconditioning batteries the right way can make the batteries function correctly. There will be no immediate need to buy a new laptop as well.

AAA/AA batteries are an everyday necessity in households. Toys, remotes, gaming consoles, clocks, smoke detectors use these batteries to function. These batteries do not last long. Hence, the EZ battery reconditioning course would come in handy. It will save you money and reduce a significant amount of waste.

End Thought

Replacing old batteries with new ones is a convenient option for most people. However, if one thinks of the long term picture, many issues can stem from this.

EZ battery reconditioning guide provides you with simple, cost-effective methods. Safely using these methods will save a lot of money. Reconditioned batteries won’t last forever. But it will reduce a fraction of expenses. Besides, it will also reduce waste and protect the environment.

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