Essential Tips for Targeting Your Website Properly

Essential Tips for Targeting Your Website Properly

Targeting your website according to specific age groups is often crucial for your business as well as for the traffic that you want to generate. Various age groups and social segments that visit your site can play a significant role in determining your sales. At times, a lot of the content that you have on your site is not age appropriate. Which is why it becomes pertinent for you to target your website according to your desired target market. Some ways for you to ensure that you are targeting your site accurately may be;

Designing the website for the specific demographic

Developing your website according to your company’s targeted demographic can go a long way towards establishing the right traffic for your site. For instance, if you are designing a website for millennials, you may want to come up with innovative designs and out of the box ideas to attract their attention. For a children’s site, you would want to keep the design colourful and make the layout more visually engaging.

Age Verification Services

Often if you are selling stuff like cigarettes or alcohol on your online B2C or B2B Platform and you would want to restrict the access to a specified age group. One of the most important services you can avail are the age verification services. Most of the age verification service providers allow you to give a pop up on your website where they ask you to proceed if you are older beyond a certain age. It is, however, easy enough to evade. There is one KYC (Know Your Customer) verification service provider that verifies the age of the user through his or her ID document.

Shufti Pro will basically scan the date of birth of the user from the document to ascertain whether the user falls within the desired age limit. Online facial recognition services can also be helpful in determining the age of a user. The facial recognition software can determine the age of a person through their facial features. It is therefore beneficial in controlling the traffic on your online platform.

In this way, you can be confident that the audience you allow on your domain falls within your target market.


The images on a website can also play a significant role in attracting the right audience for your site. Pictures and images are necessary for any website and can determine the character and perception of the business in question. For example, children may prefer colourful and animated images. Other audiences may prefer live photographs and natural images.


Design, images may very well initiate your user to visit your website, but the actual content you put in matters if you want them to stay. The text you put in for your targeted audience needs to be tailored according to the demographic category they fall in. You should make sure that your content appeals to your audience for them to browse your website long enough to make a customer or a regular user out of them.


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