Overnight Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi – An Unforgettable Experience

Overnight Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi – An Unforgettable Experience

Being an avid traveller, I plan a foreign trip every year. Throughout the year I save money for it and then when the time is right, I embark on the journey. Mostly, I’m alone on such expeditions, but sometimes my friends are gracious enough to accompany me.

Traveling this year, however, was different due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, I managed my way to the emirates and decided to explore the many attractions this country is famous for. When I was in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE, someone recommended me to give desert safari a try. Initially, I was reluctant as such activities aren’t my cup of tea. However, on their insistence, I not only decided to give it a try but spend a night in the desert as well. Here’s how my experience of overnight desert safari Abu Dhabi unfolded:

The Journey

The journey to the campsite was enjoyable in itself. We were picked up from our hotel in an SUV and I was amazed by the skills of the driver. Particularly, how he handled the vehicle on sand dunes. I would have never been able to do that.

The Campsite

I was pleasantly surprised to see the campsite. This was nothing that I had imagined. The camps were neat and clean, and most importantly, comfortable. There were separate toilets for both genders, and some stalls as well where you could buy things. I’m glad that I didn’t burden myself with water bottles as they had plenty at the campsite.

The Activities

Now, this is the most interesting part of the desert safari. I am usually not fond of adventure sports, but seeing so many people taking part in them, I also decided to give them a try. We had upgraded packages; therefore, we could enjoy all the activities available there.

I started off with a camel ride. It was a short and sweet journey. Then, I went on to try sandboarding and certainly enjoyed it the most. After that, I decided to give the ATV quad bike a try. Initially, I was scared a bit, but soon overcame it when I saw so many people doing it. I wore the safety gear and drove through the sand dunes. It was an experience I will never forget in my life.

After taking part in activities, we headed back to our camps, and there, we saw a stall of Arabian outfits. We wore them and got our pictures clicked.

The Dinner

Now comes the best part of the desert safari. The three-course BBQ dinner was simply outstanding. Every delicacy it included had a fantastic taste. The dinner was followed by Shisha (Arab-style smoke). I simply loved its flavour. Then, there were dance performances and entertainment shows. They created a nice ambience in the desert.

The Overnight Stay

Now, comes the main part – the overnight stay in the desert. We were given a separate camp with blankets and mattresses. Thankfully, they were neat and clean.

We spent the night talking about our journey, how many memories we have made, and the new activities we have tried. When the sun rose, we also rose with it and witnessed the stunning sunrise views.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, I will rank Abu Dhabi desert safari as one of the best experiences I have ever had. The weather is a little harsh but if you’re staying overnight, it will get quite pleasant. So, if you are planning to visit this emirate or are already there, make sure to include this experience in your bucket list. It’s highly recommended. 

Cait Wilker

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