How To Get More Customers Using Pay Per Click Services?

How To Get More Customers Using Pay Per Click Services?

Pay per Click or PPC marketing is an excellent way for generating more and more clicks for your website by using the search engine advertising beneficially. It appears at the top of the search results page of Google, generally highlighted with a yellow label, every time a visitor visits your website by clicking this link a small fee is paid to the search engine. That’s why it is named as Pay per Click Services. Here, in this article, we will discover some innovative way for you to improve your Pay-Per-Click campaigns:

Choose some appropriate keyword:

The process of keyword research is a bit time-consuming but essential as your whole PPC campaign is based on the right use of keywords. Many PPC advertising companies help in developing the PPC keyword list by using a variety of tools. So, one-time keyword research is not enough for your entire campaigning; you need to continuously look for highly relevant, long-tail, low-cost and important keywords to drive more and more traffic for your site. It would be best if you searched for the most pertinent and triggered keyword. Long-tail keywords are also best for your campaign as they are more specific, less common, and less competitive, therefore less expensive. It would be best if you also avoided negative keyword that prevents your ads from appearing.

Include a Call to Action:

The best way to end an ad is including a Call to Action (CTA). The main body of the presentation should show its value about why & how visitors will be benefited from your service. A compelling CTA should offer a certain sense of urgency to the ad, possess a beneficial side for the users, keep continuing the conversion momentum, and cause an action. The ads without CTAs are a lot less effective than the simple CTAs like “sign up” or “download now” or “start my free trial”. For example, Netflix has a most compelling but straightforward CTA like “Join free for a month”, and Amazon Prime Video shows options like “Get started” etc.

Refining landing pages is important:

It is not wise to invest all effort and money for specific products or services or results that only lead to your website’s home page. In terms of approaching the converting visitors, when you are thinking about receiving a return on investment, you are possibly trying to make it easy to go straight from clicking an ad to become your customer. Thus, you will need to use individual landing pages on behalf of your ad groups for providing specific content and CTAs to reach potential customers. For better results, you need to use A/B testing which will allow you to get different versions of the same page. Keep modifying the content and CTAs of all your landing pages to line up with individual search queries, and you can see a massive improvement in the conversion rates day by day.

Be selective about the audience:

There are several cases where businesses will click on their competitor’s PPC ads with ill intent to make them spend money without receiving a return. This act of “click fraud” can make your PPC campaign expensive, using IP Exclusion you can prevent your ads from appearing to those people in future.


In this way, through the continuous optimization of your pay per click campaigns, you will be able to enrich your customer base and increase ROI successfully.

Syed Ali Hyder

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