10 COVID-19 Home Visit Rules to Follow

10 COVID-19 Home Visit Rules to Follow

When this COVID-19 pandemic started to spread across the world, people thought that it will stop at one point. But scientists indicated that it is here to stay. At first, everything was shut down; but now life is coming back to normal with little changes. So, when you’re visiting a house to buy, certain rules should be followed. These rules also apply to rent-to-buy homes.

Which Homes You Should Avoid Visiting?

Not all houses are safe and have to be checked before going for a visit. You should avoid visiting a house in which a person is suffering from Coronavirus. Also, if they await the test results. Any one of the family members has travelled abroad in the past 14 days.

Home Visit Rules During COVID-19 Pandemic

If the house that you wish to buy has been exempted from all of the above points; then you can go and visit the house. But this doesn’t mean that you can go and freely visit the house. Following certain home visit rules is important.

1) Start Your Preparation at the Earliest

As many people are willing to buy that same house; so, the date and time availability becomes an issue. It is a great idea to contact the seller in advance and fix the time and date that will suit both of you.

2) Avoid Going into Large Crowds

Although, some rules are for sellers to follow like not allowing too many people in a house. But a lot of individuals don’t abide by these guidelines. So, it is up to the buyers to make sure they don’t go into a house that is crowded.

3) Choosing Rent-to-Buy Homes

If you are living in a rented house; then you can avail rent to own scheme. Contact experts like Stop Renting Albany to know what the process is and the documents required. You can buy the rented house thus avoiding going out at all.

4) Social Distancing from Everyone

If it is extremely essential to visit the house; then make sure that you are keeping a good distance of 6 feet from everyone. The reason is that the virus droplets can’t travel more than this mentioned distance.

5) Never Forget to Wear a Mask

The face mask is the most important tool to protect yourself from the immediate attack of the virus. It protects your nose and mouth from letting the virus into the body system. So wearing a face mask everywhere you go is necessary.

6) Don’t Touch Anything Unnecessarily

You have to avoid touching the cabinets, drawers, and doorknobs in the house even for the rent to buy homes in Albany. You don’t know who has touched them. So, if you want to check them; then use gloves to open them.

7) Hand Washing is Extremely Vital

As the seller to let you wash hands when you come for the visit and the time of returning. If this facility is not available then keep a hand sanitizer at all times.

8) Know the Existing Rules in That State

Every state abides by the common rules, but sometimes these rules are slightly modified according to the Coronavirus situation.

9) Don’t Listen to Fake News

Only pay attention to the news that comes from authentic sources. Don’t believe everything that is on the internet.

10) Details of People Visiting

Even if you are visiting the house for rent to buy homes; you have to give the details of the number of people who are visiting. This is done to avoid the house being crowded.

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