6 Cost-Effective Marketing Tips For 2020

6 Cost-Effective Marketing Tips For 2020

Half of 2020 is gone, with most of it being us staying inside our homes to fight a pandemic. Now the businesses are opening & life’s going back on track from people on a global scale.

This has had an impact on every aspect of business, and that applies to the marketing ecosystem as well. The businesses faced extreme consequences as there was no or minimum revenue generation during the last few months, and it’s still continuing in some places.

So, there’s a massive need for bringing in the cost-effective marketing tips and strategies that can help the brands and marketers in uplifting their revenue & improve customer base but at MINIMUM COSTS.

Here we have listed a few of the best Cost-effective marketing tips, strategies, & ideas for marketing in 2020 & future.

Six Cost-Effective Marketing Tips For 2020

1. Dig Deep Into Your Analytics & Data

What do we do when we have fewer resources but more goals to achieve? We look for investing the resources in the best possible ways to accomplish our goals.

Similarly, since we have less budget to invest so, it is essential to identify the right opportunities for it. How can you find the right opportunities? You have to understand your audience & their behavior.

So, accumulate your past performance data be it your sales or audience engagement or session durations or traffic sources or any other data relating to the consumers.

Analyze this data over and over, create hypotheses, go for correlation analysis, understand the patterns & behavior, and much more to understand what your audiences want, how they interact with you, what solutions they pay for, etc.

This will help you in coming up with valuable insights about how to promote & advertise your band or how to reach out and engage your potential customers.

2. Leverage User-Generated Content For Marketing

You are already looking for cost reduction and returns maximization so the last thing you would want to do is to invest your resources in content creation for your marketing strategies.

As content creation requires huge amounts of investment and it is a constant process that will also bite your valuable time & resources hub as well. Instead, you go for the content that is already available & more beneficial i.e. UGC.

User-generated content is the content shared & created by your customers based on their real & authentic experiences with your products or services. This makes UGC the most reliable, trustworthy, and authentic form of content for marketing & business.

So, using UGC platforms you can easily curate & display the most valuable & relevant UGC as your marketing campaign to build trust, showcase brand image, increase engagement, and drive conversions.

3. Don’t Miss Out On Social Media Engagement

Since the people have been staying at home more than they used to a few months ago so their social media usage and engagement has increased heavily.

This presents an opportunity for you to activate your social media marketing efforts to build meaningful engagement & relationships along with your effective brand promotions.

So, you should actively engage with your followers, share valuable & trendy content, respond to their messages & comments, repost their mentioned posts, interact with users, create social media campaigns that allow the users to participate or communicate with you.

These efforts do not require any huge investments and they can be hugely helpful in building traffic, following, loyalty, engagement, etc.

4. Invest Time In Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Search engine optimization is a goldmine of organic website & brand growth that requires knowledge more than money so invest your time in improving SEO performance.

Using your analytics and performance data, you can identify the gaps in your on-page performance and simultaneously look for off-page performance up-gradation possibilities.

This includes optimizing your meta titles, descriptions, leveraged structured data, speed improvements, keywords integration, appropriate internal linking, etc. along with updating website content, refurbishment of old content, external link building, targeting trending & relevant keywords, etc.

This will improve your organic website traffic as the search engine performance of your website will improve automatically.

5. Offline & Online Marketing Integration

Now that we are talking about being cost-effective and more resourceful, it is time that we integrate our offline and online marketing efforts and activities.

It is essential that you stay away from creating different budgets with different labor & resources for different marketing channels. Instead, you can use a tool like the UGC platform that will help you create integrated marketing campaigns through one platform.

This will help you unify your marketing efforts & messaging along with minimized budget allocations to different channels where you can plan & customize your campaigns for each channel with one solution.

6. Resort To Gamification & Experience

User experience is one of the greatest influencers of the conversion rate for any brand or business. People like to invest in brands that can deliver delightful and exciting experiences to them.

Experience is so important that there is a dedicated ecosystem of experiential marketing where brands & businesses actively deliver the experience to advertise or promote their products & services.

Besides, you can also leverage the gamification strategies for marketing where you can ask your customers to share their experiences, posts, or participate in polls, quizzes, etc. for some rewards & recognitions that can hugely attract and engage customers with your campaigns.

The best part is that these experiences & gamification strategies do not require any huge budget and you can use your digital and social channels to create such marketing campaigns.


These are some of the most cost-effective tips for marketing in 2020 and near future that will help your brand to get back on the right track of success and growth.

You can make use of some marketing tools as well that will help you save huge manpower costs. And the best part about these tips & strategies is that these are accessible to all, be it small, medium, or large business.

Also, these strategies & tips are meant for long-term result-driven ventures. So, get started now to improve your business performance and maximize your returns on minimum investment.

Syed Ali Hyder

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