Coronavirus Spreads in Wuhan over Chinese New Year

Coronavirus Spreads in Wuhan over Chinese New Year

The prevailing fears in China have become the main highlight in international news. As coronavirus spreads across Wuhan, the locals are looking for immediate actions to control the wave.

Sadly, when Chinese New Year is around the corner, the outbreak of the deadly virus has triggered the warnings across the region. The government is in full action to protect the country from the fatal spreads.

The recent news is all about the government’s decision to suspend public transport. However, the World Health Organization has not yet intervened in the situation, which should concern about launching a global public health emergency.

The authorities have completely locked down the area for public movements. Wuhan is definitely facing a tough time since the government’s action to prevent the virus spread is still questionable.

There is a controversy about political decisions spreading across the media. The authorities are taking control over the Chinese New Year celebrations but are these actions taken for either preventing the locals from the deadly virus spread or anti-government unrest in the region?

Wuhan is under huge political restrictions this Year and in anticipation to see a vital change, the public is fully supporting the authorities.

As an update, here are maps so that you can be aware of the virus spread in China and other nations.

Confirmed Cases in China

Confirmed Cases Globally

This is a developing story and we’ll share more updates soon.

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