How Mobile Apps Help You Convert More Customers Along with Business WordPress Sites?

How Mobile Apps Help You Convert More Customers Along with Business WordPress Sites?

When talking about the business including online or offline for increasing website conversions to expand your business dimensions to the next level. The specific reason behind the rapid expansion of handheld devices, especially smartphones is the availability of several mobile applications consumed with enormous features and amazing utilities. Seemingly, the digital landscape has become heavily dependent on mobile apps. Hence, Mobile apps are now involved in each and every segment of our life, and business dimensions convert WordPress to mobile app with significant ease.

The major transformation of mobile devices from a simple communication devices is an integral aspect of our daily lives and has become truly dramatic. Significantly, the rapid use of handheld devices includes smartphones with the awareness of several mobile applications consumed with amazing features and utilities.

Stats Alert: “Mobile users spend 88% of their time on mobile apps and just 12% of the time on mobile websites.”

Mobile apps have brought several changes into the marketplace that constitutes how we book hotels, transfer money, order products, and dine out. Seemingly, the modern world has become heavily dependent on mobile platforms. Businesses of all shapes and sizes should consider using mobile apps to gain enormous growth and multiply the customer’s reach.

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Let’s have a look at some of the reasons to build a WordPress enabled mobile app:

1)    More Convenient and User Engaging Mobile UX

During the early days when WordPress touched the scene, blogs and websites were quite new, the groundbreaking things to the average individual were considered. Also, it was all about using the desktop browser.

Seemingly, things have changed dramatically across the masses as the WordPress themes are now working well for mobile browsers. Although, there’s a big problem as the mobile internet has been eclipsed, and now over 90% of the mobile time is devoted to mobile applications. Hence, most major brands have heavily invested in mobile apps because they provide an intuitive mobile-based user experience.

The home screen icon of the user acts as an instant reminder and with one tap, they’re involved in everything that loads lightning-fast, and the native navigation signifies the app with a greater essence of keeping up in the competition. Compared to the user-engaging exposure on the mobile device, the app experience gets more superior and engaging in terms of versatility and user terms and conditions. The sole essence behind the WordPress app users tends to get engaged in major loyal patterns than other web counterparts and vice versa.

2)    WordPress Apps Leverages Loyalty and Engagement

The app users tend to be hyper-loyal and engaged at a specific time interval compared to the web. The major reason behind this is that firstly the apps self-select for your loyal consumers to download the app is an essence of loyalty in the very first place. Secondly, if they are placed in WordPress Apps, you would have an enormous amount of opportunities to induce loyalty patterns, emphasizing the superiority of the UI/UX and communication design via push notifications.

Mobile apps provide a diversified versatility for loyalty and engagement tactics compared to all the relevant channels. Based on the relevant reports that Amazon’s website gets an enormous amount of unique visitors but around 84.5% of the total mobile time is spent on the apps. There is a wide variety of reasons as to why the huge brands and small operations are getting ahead to download their apps in a streamlined manner.

3)    iOS and Android Push Notifications

Push notifications are an intuitive and seamless method to communicate with your potential customers and fans. Now, you can use email, social media channels, or even web notifications, the native push is better than all of them are combined with a native push notification has a 5X higher engagement rate than email, no reach on the restrictions such as social media platforms and allow you to target Android and iOS users, unlike web push notifications.

Hence, you can also use push notifications for all types that merely depend on your business. Here are significant examples of push notifications:

Digital Publishers – Notifies users of new articles and breaking news that they might be interested in.

eCommerce stores Alerts customers on the latest offers and promotions, send app-only coupons, and ensure customers are updated on shipment and delivery purposes.

eLearning sites – Reminds and encourages students to study pulling them back into the courses such as online learning, entrepreneurship, etc,

Membership sites – Membership sites and communities can leverage engagement via push notifications to alert members to get friend requests, when a user replies to one of their posts, or when they receive a private message.

The conversion of a WordPress site to mobile apps can leverage push notifications for most of our potential customers, the major reason for developing mobile apps trigged with the user-engaging WordPress sites.

4)    Build an App Store Presence

Building an app store presence itself is a great advantage for the brands with apps on the App Store and Google Play that seem to be more established and serious about the user experience and usability patterns. This can make a great impression on potential customers, partners, investors, and vice versa.

Likewise, an App Store presence can also be an acquisition channel, and a lot of individuals search for the solutions to their problems more possibly how they use Google on the World Wide Web. Hence, you can easily optimize well for accurate keywords, you can select the new users directly into the mobile apps.

Wrapping Up!

Certainly, small businesses seeking to compete with others in a highly competitive market segment must consider new changes and uphold a strong mobile presence. If you want to boost your brand identity and promote your services to get accessibility to your users, then developing a mobile app would be the best option. Hence, this article explains the significance of mobile apps and how they can help you to convert potential customers in conjunction with WordPress websites for SMEs, enterprises, and businesses.

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