What the Creative Job Market Can Tell Us about Content Marketers

What the Creative Job Market Can Tell Us about Content Marketers

Employing a new member of the content marketing program seems like a significant investment since you are planning to build a team of talented individuals or looking to replace an employee with another one. Nonetheless, acquiring a skilled content specialist will only boost your marketing program.

However, recruiting and enticing specialized team players for content marketing is a challenge in itself. It’s a daunting task faced by 80 percent of the marketing and advertising executives, as per the survey conducted by The Creative Group among 400 industry giants in the United States.

In this post, we are going to dig deeper into the data about content marketing and how content marketers thrive in the digital world. Here are a few aspects of how companies are recruiting the content marketers.

Top Cities for Content Marketers:

Below are the cities offering exciting prospects for content marketers in the United States as per the research survey provided by Conductor’s Inbound Marketing Jobs Guide:

1) New York

2) San Francisco

3) Chicago

4) Los Angeles

5) Boston

6) Seattle

7) Dallas

8) Washington D.C

9) Atlanta

10) Austin

According to the survey conducted by The Creative Group, almost 5 percent of the executives plan on increasing new positions over the next few months.

The statistics as mentioned above may not be flabbergasting for anyone, but the increasing number in recruiting and hiring more employees tell us a whole new story about the bright future of advertising and marketing. The report also suggested that content marketing has been the top hiring field for advertising and marketing in 2017 with nearly 30 percent of the marketing organizations aiming to build an experienced team.

Also, brand/product management, digital marketing, and content marketing took the top three positions for top areas of hiring. The below statistics will confirm:

Content Marketing


Above mentioned statistics clearly, indicate that the age of specialized fields might be ending. The top three positions are considered for vast researched areas, and the more particular jobs fell in the lower categories.

Compensation Statistics:

As per the report provided by The Creative Group in 2017, below are the statistics of salaries and compensations for content marketers and marketers as a whole:

content marketing industry hiring


Content writing, data analysis, and editing are considered as the most valuable skills organizations are looking for hiring in 2018, as per the report provided by Digital Content Survey, Altimeter, and a Prophet Company.

During the survey, respondents were asked about the four most valuable skills they seek in a new employee and here are their answers:

Social media experience – 18 %

Marketing and software experience – 42%

Editing and video production – 47%

Development and coding – 50%

Graphic designing – 50%

Project management – 53%

Content writing and editing – 59%

Data analysis – 67%

Most of the organizations are seeking employees who are going to be team players today and team leaders tomorrow. In the content marketing field, an employee must possess ample knowledge about technology, analytics, and creativity to expose his ideas boldly and efficiently.

Employee Retention:

With the majority of the organizations looking for digital content marketers to improve their turnover in the market, a survey was done by The Creative Group also suggested that nearly half of the marketing and advertising executives are worried about retaining their current staff in the next few months.

The report also suggested that some of the following positions are considered as the most valuable positions in 2018. They are:

1) Creative Technologist

2) Digital project manager

3) Content writer and strategist

4) Digital marketing manager

5) Social media specialist/manager


These stats show the rise and significance of content marketers and their demand in the market. Today, they are assigned to more work and are paid well depending on their skills. It is probably not normal for an individual to handle social media, blogging, copywriting and PR. A few years back there would be five people handling these jobs.

The process in hiring a specialized creative worker maybe challenging and requires in-depth understanding about the market, strategic approach and communication skills since businesses are seeking more and more talented people to cater these markets which are going to generate profit for them in the coming years – months.

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