Collect your Photos Easily Through DropEvent

Collect your Photos Easily Through DropEvent

Professional pictures from any event are amazing, but sometimes some candid images taken by the guests contain some fantastic moments too. Instead of asking your friends and colleagues repeatedly to send you the pictures they took and bombard your inbox with pictures, simply ask them to upload all the images on DropEvent, a service which assists the users to quickly attain photographs and galleries which your friends, family, and colleagues can share and stock photos too.

I love the idea that DropEvent doesn’t ask the guests to sign-up for the service at the start, which is precisely the reason why it is convenient for users to ensure that their friends, colleagues, and family are adding photos. There are plenty of other services out there which asks the users beforehand to sign-up and then upload the images later. However, DropEvent makes the process of uploading easier by simply removing this process.

DropEvent is not just restricted to weddings or parties. Users have the advantage of sharing pictures of almost anything upon their linking and choices. However, these events are plausibly more crucial since candid pictures make up of more emotions and stories taken by our friends, colleagues, and family members.

In 2015 DropEvent and PastBook teamed up together to create beautiful photo books from the albums uploaded by the users at DropEvent. Collaborating with friends and family members, users collect all sorts of pictures from different series of events like birthday parties, picnics, weddings or any other activities in the album and turn those pictures into mesmerizing photo books – something which is valuable to all the users.

Once the users have access to their shared photo albums, they can download the entire pictures or simply look them up online, on the website of DropEvent. With the feature of adding up photo books from the uploaded albums, users have the leverage of browsing and selecting their favorite pictures from the events or random pictures in general and click on a button called ‘print photo book’ close to the event title or simply just above the ‘download all pictures’ button.

Once all of the things mentioned above are done, the users will be re-directed towards the PastBook website, and write ‘tag’ which is sort of a unique code for the event. Once the process is done, the photo book containing all the selected images is ready.

Users also have the advantage of resizing and rearranging their pictures, edit or add the dates and captions, and can even alter the background with more colors and plenty of exciting stuff.

If the users are planning to add further images which are not included in the DropEvent box, they can import pictures from different social networking websites like Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, and Picasa, etc. and uploaded the pictures using their phones, personal computers, and laptops. It’s possible and convenient for all.


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