Maintaining Hygiene And Cleanliness In Office: 5 Things You Should Do

Maintaining Hygiene And Cleanliness In Office: 5 Things You Should Do

It may leave you surprised, but the truth is that an average office desk is covered in about 21000 germs per square inch. This works out to be about 1,000,000 germs on a single desk, which is about 10 times more than the average kitchen table. And on top of that, about 62 percent of office workers prefer eating their lunch on the table.

Maintaining office hygiene is important as it contributes to a healthy workforce. It is reported that sick leaves cost SMEs about $20,000 a year. This means as a business owner if you are able to provide a healthy and clean environment for your employees, it would help you to reduce a huge cost. Following are some of the ways in which you can make your office environment a little bit more cleaner for everyone to be able to work hygienically.

Entryway Mats

These look great while entering the office and fulfil the purpose of welcoming a visitor pretty well. But did you know that they also help in keeping the office premises clean by trapping water, dirt, mud, and debris? According to, all these can be easily tracked down, especially in the areas which see a lot of walk-throughs of people. Therefore, if you aim to keep your office tidy at all times, getting entryway mats are a must. And the best part is that they can be found in varied shapes and sizes, making it very convenient to place in small or big rooms. Also, the high quality materials used such as nylon, synthetic fibers and all rubber construction help to scrape away the crud on the shoes while entering.

Implementing Hygiene Policy

This should be your first and foremost step to do inside the office premises. The employees must be issued the office hygiene policy and the importance to implement it properly. The tables and the cabins must be kept neat and tidy. Cluttering of things on the desks should be avoided. Apart from the cleaning staff, people should be also sanitizing and disinfecting their personal work spaces frequently to reduce the spread of germs. They should maintain social distancing from each other at all times. Particularly, in times like these, when the pandemic is taking over the world by storm.

Clean Bathrooms

Bathrooms are used by almost every office staff and in some cases, there are a couple of visitors too. This makes it one of the most potentially dangerous areas to spread germs inside the office space. Therefore, you should aim to keep them cleaned and well maintained at all times to ensure that they do not become breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. There should not be any dearth of sanitizers, antibacterial soaps, tissues, and running water.

The Last Word

With a global pandemic still continuing, it is vital that as a business owner, you are providing a safe and clean environment for your employees to work. Ensuring that the workplace is being regularly cleaned will help to prevent the spread of infection. A cleaned workplace also helps to maintain a great morale and a sense of professionalism.

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