Chinese Investments in Africa: 4 Major Projects to Benefit International Trade.

Since China entered the list of being one of the top superpowers in the world, they have adopted a habit of investing in developing regions. These investments can be seen in the form of aid, business and even merely to set their footprint. Currently, Africa’s most reliable and most prominent ally, China has been investing millions of dollars on the infrastructure of the developing continent. Some of these projects do seem like a simple token of friendship. However, there are a few which all international businesses should keep an eye on if they wish to capitalize on the African market. Take a look at 4 top projects that’ll favor global buyers and sellers.

1.     Railway Projects

China has invested in improving the internal transportation system in Africa by funding railway projects in Nigeria, Angola, Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia. In addition, China also funded the Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway system, which is Kenya’s largest infrastructure project in history. Once these projects are finished, the economy will flourish by attracting many foreign businesses to establish here. As an exporter, you can even target the local buyers who have a prosperous future ahead of them.

2.     Ghana’s Bauxite Exploration

Africa has always known to be blessed with many natural minerals and resources. However, due to lack of funds these resources weren’t exploited until now. In 2017. China set a deal of over $10 million with Ghana for the Bauxite Exploration project. Once these minerals will get exploited, you can expect a sharp increase in the supply of bauxite internationally.

3.     Investment in Zambia

From cement factories to an international standard airport, Zambia is the 2nd largest destination China has invested on in Africa. In order to build these projects, local businesses have increased their demand for high-quality foreign products like machinery, and equipment. In addition, these projects will provide more channels of transportation as well as establish the primary industry within the country.

4.     Nigeria’s Edo State Oil Refinery

China signed a 30.1 billion (South African Rand) deal with Nigeria to build an oil refinery in the state called Edo. This oil refinery is being made to teach the locals how to refine, increase job opportunities, and make the state competitive within this industry.


Though there are many more projects that China is already funding, and planning to finance, the ones mentioned above are pretty crucial for the African economy. However, since most of these projects are close to their conclusion, you should try your luck by connecting with all buyers and sellers linked with these investments. A pretty simple and quick way to jump into this picture is by signing up on ExportHub for a verified and guaranteed business directory list of both exporters and importers.


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