China’s Innovative Step against Coronavirus: Close Contact Detector App

China’s Innovative Step against Coronavirus: Close Contact Detector App

China’s attempt to facilitating its economy against coronavirus is something to bring in the notice. The launch of a new app, the Close Contact Detector App, is all about bringing awareness in public.

Close Contact Detector App is launched in China, which provides details of the people regarding the risk of catching coronavirus.

The app allows the users to scan the near person to see if they are infected or not.

With the help of surveillance-based technology, people are cautious from travelling in public. The app features are entirely appropriate for the users to get details without being involved in any tech problem.

For using the app, the users have to scan a QR code in their smartphones. It can be easily done through either payment service Alipay or WeChat. As soon as the app registers the phone number, the users then have to enter their unique credentials. Each registered phone can help the users to check the coronavirus status of up to three IDs.

In response to prevailing user concerns, Hong Kong-based technology lawyer confirmed that the information provided by the users would be used with their consent only when needed.

Where the Chinese economy is facing pressure because of the deadly coronavirus disease spread, they also appreciate the launch of the smart app. It is letting people know about the symptoms and taking possible precautionary measures.

Close Contact Detector App is intelligent – it has features like:

  1. Facilitating users in a compact classroom or shared areas
  2. Medical authorities and family members of the coronavirus patients
  3. Passengers and crew members on planes, trains, and buses

Since the outbreak of coronavirus has disturbed the entire nation, the launch of this app is seen to bring a change in medical history. Now we have to wait for more innovations in the medical line as well that can simply cure the disease from the roots.

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