• Step By Step Guide On How to Rearrange Pages in a PDF File

    Step By Step Guide On How to Rearrange Pages in a PDF File0

    Nowadays PDF files are almost everywhere from phones to your laptops, in school and offices. Where they are a blessing, they can also be a bit of an issue to manage. Here is a step-by-step guide to rearrange your pdf files.   Wonders of the PDF File  PDF files are pretty awesome, yes they are!

  • What is Piracy & How Does It Work?

    What is Piracy & How Does It Work?0

    Since the widespread availability of the internet, piracy has posed a significant threat to intellectual property rights. Illegal downloads or online viewing of movies and TV shows currently make up 31.5 percent of media viewership. From the time a stolen copy is initially placed online and downloaded, an organized hosting and distribution process, comprising of

  • Best Alternative to Microsoft Office

    Best Alternative to Microsoft Office0

    Microsoft Office is designed to help people with productivity and do everyday tasks on the computer. It is used mainly in business professions. You can create a new file and edit documents, text, and edit pictures on your file. It will also help you make a spreadsheet or database collection. Some students used to make