Choose the Best Capsule Filling Machine for Your Business

Choose the Best Capsule Filling Machine for Your Business

Among the major goals of a pharmaceutical company is the production of vaccines or drugs that satisfies the regulatory standard. Beyond meeting regulatory standards and drugs produced – either as a capsule or other form – must be retaining or intact both its active ingredients and excipients for the desired quality. 

Therefore, to achieve this feat, different pharmaceutical companies are keen on what form of encapsulating or capsule filling machine they acquire. Making the vital decision becomes necessary since no firm would desire to under-produce and ultimately, struggling to meet customers’ demands.

With a price tag with high-end to beat when buying a new encapsulating machine, many pharmaceutical firms now realize investing in a used capsule filling machine seems to be the wisest choice. Because it provides more quality while spending less. For a majority of these firms, they enhance their machine fleet by buying from a trustworthy and reliable marketplace for used machines.

In Search of a Quality Capsule Filling Machine?

Before replying to this question, there are a few basic aspects we want you to know. This will help you in deciding to get the best used pharmaceutical equipment supplied to you.

Decide your Capsule Size

Making this wise decision involves considering what mixture or type of supplement you want to have your capsule designed for. By this, you can tell the milligram of the capsule you want to produce. 

Pick your Capsule Type

There are several forms of capsules you can make from a used capsule filling machine.  Depending on your client’s needs, you may choose gelatin capsules offered by every reliable soft gelatin encapsulation machine manufacturer.

On the other hand, the Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) capsule – best for vegetarian people and can be the capsule you want to produce. Besides the two forms identified above, you can decide to particularly deal on pullulan capsule – best picks for organic freaks.

Nevertheless, your production facility might have the capacity of manufacturing all types of a capsule. So, there is always a used machine for capsule filling for you.

Decide on Whether to go for Joined or Separated Capsule

Capsules are offered either as joined or separated capsules. Depending on your focus, buying the best capsule filling machine will help you achieve your expected results. Well, for the sake of information, separated capsules are produced majorly from manual capsule filling machines. In these machines, joined capsules are the products of both automatic and semi-automatic filling machines.

Types of Different Capsule Filling Machines

There are three kinds of capsule filling machines. As mentioned earlier, factors like the production speed and capsule type will enlighten you to know which form of capsule filling machine will best suit your production requirements.

Hand Operated or Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Self-explanatory, these forms of capsule filling machines are easy-to-operate and relatively low cost with a fast capacity of capsule filling. Hand-operated or manual capsule filling machines are useful for homemade and drug design capsule production as they can give a small to medium-sized capsule filling.

Manual machines offer the best results for filling separated capsules. The production capacity of this capsule filling machine is nearly 6000 – 6,250 capsules per hour

Basic parts of a manual encapsulating machine include:

  • A powder tray.
  • A sealing plate with a rubber cap.
  • A pin plate with approximately 200-300 pins.
  • A bed with approximately 200-300 holes.
  • A lever.
  • A cam handle having a loading tray of approx. 250 holes.
  • A loading tray with about 200-300 holes.

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

This capsule filling machine combines the automatic and manual method of capsule filling during the encapsulation process. This can be seen as a semi-automatic capsule filling machine.

In terms of operation, this capsule filling machine is a bit complex compared to the manual capsule filling machine. Regarding its design, stainless steel like non-corrosive material is used to construct semi-automatic capsule filling machine parts. It also makes it easy to clean after use, and hence, reducing the risk of contamination.

The semi-automatic machine can bestride both the filling of joined and separated capsules. The production capacity of this encapsulating machine is between 25,000 – 30,000 capsules per hour.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

This capsule filling machine type is built to automatically fill gelatin capsules with granules or powders. Courtesy of their efficiency during operation, automatic capsule filling machine suppliers use this machine are used for large-scale capsule production.

Similarly, they are capsule machines designed to be reliable, durable, and of high precision when it comes to desired quality and standard.

A completely automatic capsule filling machine can work in cooperative energy with other fringe machines/parts. For example, an online container cleaning machine, damaged capsule arranged, void case ejector, and residue extractor.

For the most part, automatic container filling machines can fill just joined cases, and they can fill roughly 95,000 – 120,000 cases each hour.

Make your Choice

Today, you will find all you need to make the best choice for a used capsule filling machine that will satisfy your needs. Since we have enlightened you with the responsibility of providing you the insight into the basics of a capsule filling machine, we are sure you are not stranded now.

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