Top 8 Tips to Win in Call of Duty Warzone Every Time

Top 8 Tips to Win in Call of Duty Warzone Every Time

Call of Duty Warzone is a highly popular and realistic battle royale. Every day you see so many players joining the Warzone game, which means the battleground becomes immensely competitive. With the biggest player base, it’s going to be fun to play on the battleground. 

But winning odds are still less because of competition. Though there is no easy feat to win the game, there are some crazy hacks that improve your winning odds. This is why I decided to provide all the winning hacks that help you win the game. 

Let’s have a look at these winning tricks 

  • Grab The Opportunity Quickly to the Battlefield

Shorten the time to hold the battleground and quickly touch down by positioning your parachute. Go quickly before setting back to free-fall mode. Do not keep your parachute on deployed mode as it slows down the game. Being the first battler on the ground allows you to get better equipment which helps to save you from the players who try to open the fire while the parachute drops a gear. 

  • Get The UAV for Maps and Spot All the Enemies 

This will act as a weapon in itself. Getting the UAV for the maps allows you to locate your enemies on the map. In this way, you’ll catch your enemies faster and kill them to win the game. While playing the game, you can purchase these kinds of weapons from BuyStations. 

This will display the parts of the map and show the close-by enemies. UAV helps to locate the exact position of the enemies and the orientation of all the players. However, you know that nothing comes for free these days. If you want to track your enemies, it may cost $4000 for this equipment, and it is only available to you for a limited period. 

  • Start Killing Enemies Before They Land 

Now, this is one of the best Warzone hacks and Cheats. To win the battle, you can start killing your enemies even before they land on the battleground. In this battle game, there will be more than 150 players accommodated at one time. This is the best tip ever, and to do so, you need to cut their parachute early. You can also use the gun to kill your enemies or before they deploy your parachute. 

  • Use The Ping 

Using a ping is very crucial as it helps to spot the enemies. Moreover, it also helps to situate the plunder. This is the best way to inform the other teammates about you and what’s around them. So, don’t miss to double-click on the ping as it helps warn your teammates about the nearby enemies. This, in turn, helps to improve the chances of winning the battlefield. You can also use the ping with the UAV that gives you more accurate information about the enemies and kill them early.

  • Do not forget to Share the Loot with the Team

Whenever you get the loot or equipment, don’t be so mean and share with your teammates. Sharing the stuff will be useful for your team to kill the enemies faster. This is a team-based game; you will when your team leads, and when you get back-to-back drops or purchase the equipment from the BuyStations, then must share. However, be sure that you have the necessary funds, at least $4450, to make the necessary purchases. Hence, sharing also gives you finance sharing and lets you gain more items to win the battle. 

  • Don’t Miss to Complete the Contract Task 

Completing the contract task on time allows you to win maximum cash. Contracts were recently added to this battlefield game. However, the task may vary according to the game, from collecting loot boxes to specific enemy killing. 

The contracts will be used even if you don’t manage to complete them. For example, the task may be revealing the position of the enemies. The way to the substantial haul. No matter the task, the contract helps generate more cash and allows you to catch special abilities that help achieve complete insight into the game. Winning tasks is also crucial for the teams. 

  • Optimize the Weapons Usage 

Make sure to optimize the usage of the weapons. This is the most crucial thing to win the game and fix all the weapons you find around you on the battleground. When you optimize the weapons, you will reduce the gun’s recoil when you are shooting. This, in turn, helps you gain shooting accuracy and is proven to be a lifesaver when you are battling. 

  • Use The Loadout Packages 

You have spent valuable time collecting the equipment and selecting the best weapons when you are battling around. But, what you ought to do is use the proper loadout packages. Warzone provides you with the best loadout packs that allow you to win the battle. But now, you have to expedite and utilize all the loadout packages. 

Bottom Line 

These are the best hacks that help to win the game easily. The Warzone Battlefield is the royale game that everybody loves to win. Players try different tactics to win but eventually fail, but these hacks give you a chance to win the game. 

Tom Spiggle

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