How Businesses Can Grow Using Blockchain Technology

How Businesses Can Grow Using Blockchain Technology

Majority of the people are raving about the high rise of Bitcoin over the past few years. However, the technology which is supporting this digital money system is ignored to an extent. This technique is known as Blockchain, and the primary purpose of this technology is that it can be used in multiple applications.Majority of the people are raving about the high rise of Bitcoin over the past few years. However, the technology which is supporting this digital money system is ignored to an extent. This technique is known as Blockchain, and the primary purpose of this technology is that it can be used in multiple applications.

It is only possible when businesses have the idea of the Blockchain technology, just then they will be able to attain maximum profit from their businesses.

Most of the people have heard about Blockchain alongside Bitcoin, and the impact it has made in the world of cryptocurrencies. However, it is a known fact that Blockchain is more than that; it is considered as a procedure for tracking down the transactions using the technology that may turn out a big thing in the future.

Even though it is still in the initial phases, blockchain is being recognized by some business organizations for multiple uses and probably serve a vast number of purposes in the possible future.

Mike Almeida, president of Empire ATM Group, believes that Blockchain applications have no end. They are unlimited, and they are resourceful. It is only a matter of time when business organizations fully adopt it. In regards to that, Blockchain technology strives to make our lives easier on a mathematically capable platform.

Blockchain and Organizations

The blockchain is quite easily accessible to all the members of the network. It doesn’t substitute the traditional supply chain software; however, it draws new outcomes like enlargement of data flows proposed by the internet of things.

The relationships which B2B sales have been existent are usually longer than general, and acquire a more significant sales cycle as compared to B2C sales.

CEO of Blockchain consulting firm, Never Stop Marketing, and a renowned Blockchain marketing guru Jeremy Epstein said that trust is an essential factor in sales and Blockchain technology creates a path to precipitate the inception of trusted relationships at lower rates.

Business Network understands that Blockchain has not made an impact yet. Goldman and Sachs believe that Blockchain relatively is a quicker, safer method to very vital information and create a trust between the business organizations.

Advantages of Blockchain for Businesses

Some of the benefits of Blockchain technology in B2B organizations are as follows:

1) Improved Supply Chains

With assistance from a decentralized ledger, the supply chain can efficiently run and the time for processing can be remarkably reduced.

2) Flexible Sales and Transaction Process

The transactions and the sales can be processed effortlessly due to the decentralized architectural system enabling the supply chain to be faster than usual.

3) Easy Scalability

An IT infrastructure is not owned by an individual but by a group of people and is decentralized. In this way, scalability is easily achieved.

4) Suitable for Multiple Organizations

Unlike other technologies which are considered to be appropriate for some organizations, it is essential for the majority of the business industries. This would influence the other organizations to use the technology efficiently which can be changed or altered as per their requirements and needs.

5) Increased Security:

With all the data being encrypted, you can be confident that security is not going to be an issue at all.

Increased Practise of Blockchain

In today’s world, Blockchain is considered to be an essential element of B2B marketing. We need a clear understanding of how it can increase the practice and assess about its methods for deployment because most of the business organizations are unwilling to check out on complex integrated projects.

Let us evaluate the situation with networks in B2B: Consider a supply chain process that includes a third-party logistics provider, a buyer, and a seller. Today, the information usually travels between these three operations are one-way and point-to-point through XML or EDI based messages or the interactions of API.

There is always a possibility that a seller and a buyer might barter a few messages between them, but an intermediary service provider for logistics doesn’t see these messages. Or a logistics provider and a seller might interchange few words which are not exchanged with the buyer itself.

Blockchain no doubt is becoming increasingly popular all across the world. Its expansion and high value have attracted a large number of investors, and most of the business organizations are using it for transactions. This segregated, consensus-dependent technology is relatively new in the database due to its true and encrypted nature, and many organizations can enjoy and grow their businesses through Blockchain. The rapid development of this technology is speeding up and improving every day and its only matter of time when people forget about the internet of things and the internet of media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Blockchain Strategies for Companies

Blockchain has entered in the organizational marketplace and grasps the promises in delivering the communications between the merchants, partners, and customers. It also aims to revamp the performance, processing and retail governance with complete confidentiality in the data and assets. The technology will boost up the transactions between the merchants, traders, suppliers and improve the opinion of the public about the retailers.

The Blockchain technology also enhances the traceability of the most valuable and regulated products, request the conditions of logistics and that delivery of logistics provides a win-win situation for the majority of the consumers and sellers.

The inception of impact sensors, which looks after the physical supply chain for the consumers and merchants to attain complete knowledge of logistics incidences and most of the supply chain executives see an excellent possibility for businesses to earn through it.


In coming years, Blockchain is going to take over the business industry with most of the organizations using it for sending money. B2B merchants in the retail sector or online are in need of the cost savings promised by dealers in Blockchain. The future is going to replace credit cards, banks, checking and card processing, speeding up the process of final transactions between the customers and B2B vendors.

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