Buffer – Manage all of your social media accounts in one app

Buffer – Manage all of your social media accounts in one app

A better way to manage your social media


An Internet-based application created solely for managing the content on social media; Buffer’s principal objective is to share the content on different social media platforms. The application provides the capability to connect all the social media accounts, making it convenient to schedule and generate different posts.

Instead of logging in conventionally on different social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, and other groups, Buffer logs in all the networking sites at once, making it easier the users to produce and generate different posts and have them uploaded in just a single click.

The application is integrated with Chrome, WordPress, and RSS readers along with other different kinds of tools for snuffling the content.

How to Use Buffer:

To use the application effectively, you need to sign in to your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter account, or you can make your own customized account on Buffer. Once you are signed in, you have the option of adding the social networks you didn’t sign in, along with different Facebook pages that you manage.

As mentioned earlier, the application allows the user to generate content and post on multiple social media platforms at once and helps you decide when to post them on different accounts. You have the advantage of posting them right away, or you can select the ‘add to buffer’ option, which allows the buffer to decide and choose the right time to display your content.

With Buffer, you have the power of creating multiple posts enough to keep your audience busy for a week, month or numerous months – users have the ability to their content as per their desired schedule and can line up different content in advance.

The application is collaborating with Tweriod, a service which monitors your account in general and tells you the right time to post the content. The app is also working in collaboration with Followerwonk which can assist the users in locating their followers. Who is online and who is not.

Benefits of Using Buffer:

The application is providing an extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari which allows the sharing of the content on the website page. A small icon is included in the browser that enables the user to share a specific link through Buffer within the limitations of the website page.

It also has the capability for recommending the texts matching with the link which can be enhanced with the passage of time.

The information provided in the application assists the user in regards to describing the number of mentions attained, number of clicks, the potential reach of the posts by the users, and re-tweets by different people. All of these features are crafted perfectly to facilitate the user.

In addition to that, for Instagram, users have the authority to schedule individual image posts to their designated business accounts on the app.

Features of Buffer:

  • Android and iOS supported
  • Standard buffering
  • Collaborating with different teams
  • Different tweets and posts
  • Insights and analytics
  • Sharing of the social profile
  • RSS connectivity and Feeds
  • Comparison of the statistics
  • Cons of Buffer:

    A lot of users believe that the function for Instagram is just a simple reminder for the users to post the content and not an actual feat for posting, while many think that too many errors are given at times which needs to be addressed at earliest.


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