3 Innovations That Bring A Winning Advantage For A Utility Company

3 Innovations That Bring A Winning Advantage For A Utility Company

The power and utility sector has changed over the years as the focus shifts towards delivering better customer experiences. Even as public utilities weren’t initially particular about CX, the growth of the private sector has increased its importance due to the competition in the landscape. Utilities want to gain a winning advantage, and the best way to do it is by embracing innovation.

Innovation stakes are high in the sector. A company willing to go the extra mile with innovation is bound to emerge as a quick winner. But everything boils down to choosing the right technologies that elevate the levels of CX. Let us highlight the one that can secure the winning advantage for your utility company.

Outage Management System

Outages are perhaps the biggest pain point for the industry as these disruptions impact customer experience to a significant extent. But they are also hard to manage because they often happen due to uncontrollable factors such as bad weather. A high-tech outage management system enables a utility company to predict the outage location and prioritize restoration efforts.

It helps the company to determine crews required for power restoration, dispatch them to the location, and manage them during the process. Overall, your company can rest assured about service reliability as outage restoration becomes a breeze with the system. It affects the company’s reputation in the long run and brings a competitive advantage.

Smart Metering

Another innovation that your utility company must embrace sooner rather than later is smart metering. The advanced infrastructure solution goes a long way in modernizing the service and enhancing the customer experience with pay-as-you-go options. Additionally, automating meter reads reduces the workload of employees. The system facilitates communication between companies and consumers through automated messaging.

Customer service representatives have access to detailed data usage on-screen, enabling them to resolve complaints more quickly. The billing data is always accurate, and there is hardly a chance of misreads even from hard-to-access locations. It is possible to monitor meters remotely and detect issues such as leaks, tampering, and theft early.

Distributed Energy Generation

Utility providers can adopt distributed energy generation as a measure to do their bit for the environment while securing business from industrial and commercial accounts. The installation of distributed generation units provides on-site power for commercial consumers, ensuring that they never run short even during high-cost, peak-demand periods. They also protect commercial operations with backup power when unanticipated events interrupt grid power.

These systems bring reliability and resiliency while curbing the peak power requirements and costs, making them ideal for high-value consumers. They reduce the carbon footprint of the utility company, making it a step closer to the sustainability initiative. Overall, the innovation boosts business for the utility as it helps them secure commercial clients for the long haul.

Innovation is the key to better customer experience and operational efficiency for every industry, even more for the public utility sector. Enhancing your services with these innovative features can drive retention and loyalty and boost business growth despite competition from private players. The best time to embrace them is now!

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