Exchange Ethereum To Bitcoin Secrets

Exchange Ethereum To Bitcoin Secrets

Ethereum is almost the most famous cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. More specifically, Ethereum is a blockchain platform for building applications. The most famous of the latter will probably remain Crypto Kitties, whose players have gone crazy over the colorful cats. Another feature of Ethereum is smart contracts – special programs for performing the necessary operations subject to the specified conditions. Vitalik Buterin is considered the main ideologist of the project. Ethereum has become the second most profitable asset of the last decade – its value has grown by 17,900 percent.

The Exchange

This is one of the most reliable and profitable ways to purchase cryptocurrency. If the user already has an account on the exchange, he can buy Ethereum from it with practically no commission.

The security of the transaction is ensured by two-factor authorization, generation of codes to confirm transactions and a password. This form of investment is suitable for large investments, for participation in trading operations on the stock exchange. It allows you to purchase digital currency at the current exchange rates. Another advantage is the ability to store coins on exchange accounts and participate in trade and exchange processes. The buyer can choose a Russian-speaking, English-speaking or Chinese exchange.

Before moving on to buying and selling, you can register an Ethereum wallet on the cryptocurrency website and fund your account. Or open an account directly when registering on the exchange. This happens automatically. Also, you check out The Coin Info for more tip on how to buy and sell crypto online.

The process of Ethereum to bitcoin exchange consists of several steps:

  1. Registration and obtaining a password.
  2. Go to the wallet. The account balance will be displayed in the upper right corner. The wallet is multifunctional, from it money is withdrawn to bank cards, to electronic wallets, and it is also replenished using cards and payment systems. To enter, you need to use a special code and a private key.
  3. To buy digital currency, one of the payment methods is selected in the wallet menu – a card or a payment system.
  4. The currency pair for the operation, for example, ETH / BTC, and the transfer amount are indicated. To buy, go to the “Sell orders” tab. All offers at the current market price appear.
  5. Click on the selected offer, after which the price and the purchased volume will appear in the purchase window. Press the “Buy” button.

Purchase with electronic money

Ethereum is purchased from electronic payment systems using a similar algorithm. Most often, wallets are used from where the client goes to the exchanger and buys currency directly. From the same service, you can go to the exchange, buy rubles and pay for the purchase there without a commission. The third option is to buy bitcoins, add them to the exchange and buy Ethereum with them. Although this method can hardly be called profitable.

Where to sell Ether?

You can sell digital currency in the same place where you bought it. If on the exchange, then you need to go to your account, track the most favorable price and sell for rubles, and then withdraw them to a bank card.

Selling Ether through exchangers is a faster and easier way. It is enough to choose a reliable site that has a low commission and speed of operations. You should also study the reviews.

On the forums for buying and selling cryptocurrency, you can sell digital money without intermediaries and commissions. But the risk of being deceived by scammers is great.

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