The Amazon Audience: How to Better Target Your eCommerce Customers

The Amazon Audience: How to Better Target Your eCommerce Customers

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world and is a popular destination for those searching for unique treasures. This is unsurprising, as it’s becoming more and more popular for customers to purchase goods and services online rather than in-store.

This online marketplace is a great hub for sellers to advertise their items to consumers, however, it is not always as simple as it sounds. Due to the popularity of Amazon, it can often prove difficult for sellers to effectively target their customers. This can result in lower sales, and in turn, lower profit. 

This appears quite a gloomy reality, however, there are ways to counter the issue of ineffective customer targeting. Here are four ways in which you can better target your eCommerce customers when using Amazon as a sales platform. Get reading!

Compiling Data

Most of what will be discussed revolves around your ability to consume, compile and analyse data. Therefore, in order to successfully adopt the following tips, you must be confident in your data-interpreting abilities. While data can be compiled from Amazon manually, it can often be tedious and time-consuming. 

Utilising an Amazon scraper can be an effective, time-saving solution. Automated scraping systems work by compiling and analysing data available on the internet. It is more efficient than the manual accumulation of data and eliminates human error. If you are serious about utilising Amazon as a sales platform, then consider adopting Amazon scraping software.

Know your Consumer

One of the most important things in the world of business is to know who you are in business with. In this case, you must know who your target customer is. This knowledge will allow you to formulate a plan to better target them. With trends suggesting a steady incline in online shopping customers, a higher profit is bound to come as a result.

For example, if you are planning on selling motorbikes, then your target consumer must be someone who will be attracted to the prospect of owning a motorbike. This will indicate the age, geographical location and sometimes gender of your target customer. This may affect the marketplace you assign to your product, along with the marketing strategy you use. Know your consumer, and the rest will come naturally. 


While some characteristics of your target customer will be defined by the item you’re selling, other characteristics will be defined by the price range that your item falls into. In order to effectively target your customer, you must consider their potential financial situation. 

If you aim to sell a videogame to boys aged 16-21, then you must take into account that they will not be full-time workers. This means that in order for these consumers to be attracted to your product, the price range must be more affordable. In contrast, some consumers may be put off by low prices, believing the item to be cheap, and therefore, low-quality. 

Consider your price carefully, and be sure to optimise it for your target eCommerce customer.


When targeting customers it is important to think ahead. Today’s consumer is not always the consumer of tomorrow, and you must think strategically if you are to remain competitive. As the 28th largest company in the world, Amazon is full of smart individuals who are fighting to sell their product: make sure you are one of them. 

Staying aware of the trends relevant to your area of business (and to those that are not obviously relevant) will keep you on your toes, and allow you to supply to the consumer of tomorrow. 

So there we have it, four ways to better target your eCommerce consumers. Make sure you trust your data scraping skills, take time to understand your consumer, tailor your price accordingly and watch out for changing trends. The rise of Amazon has not been a surprise to many, and more and more products and amazon consultant services will become available through similar online marketplaces. Be ready for this change, and start preparing.


Syed Ali Hyder

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