Expert Tips to Write Blog Posts Better in 2021

Expert Tips to Write Blog Posts Better in 2021

In one-word Blogging is passion. Blogging might be highly interesting as well as tedious at the same time. Bloggers spend hours and hours behind their computers or laptops to write something for their audiences.  But, sometimes, in-fact most of the times the job is not that easy as we think. There are lots and lots of difficulties that a blogger might face every day. And one of those many reasons are the lack of required speed.

Are you a passionate blogger? Do you try to write attractive and informative content for your audiences? Or you might even blog as an essential part of your branding techniques? But You don’t have that required speed? Does it take a whole day to write one single blog? So, you must be running out of time. Where you could easily post multiple blogs in a week, there you have to compromise with too less just because of this slow speed.

But, there is no need to worry at all. Cause if there is a problem, there are always solutions.  If you want to learn how to speed up your blog writing ability, so that you can write several in a single day, you have come to the right place. Here will be some of the effective tips to write blog post for you right from our experts. So, wasting no more time just get right into it.

Tips that You Should Follow to write a blog post-

1.      Planning and Research-

Whatever you do in life, first you have to make a plan for that. If you are willing to go on a vacation with your family, then you have to first plan for it and choose a destination. Same goes with blogging. If you are willing to write a blog post then first of all you have make some proper planning. First and foremost is to decide the topic on which you want to write the blog about. That will give you a proper focus towards the subject matter. Then, comes the research part, where you have to make a thorough study about the subject. Because when you get to know more about the subject it will be easier for you to gain a broad view on it and make a better planning on how make write it down.

2.      Make an outline-

After choosing the topic that you want to write about and doing all the necessary research works about it, now it’s time to make a proper planning on how exactly you want to pen down your blog. In other words, how you want your blog to look like or what kind body styles you want to give it. The best way is to divide your blog post into 2-3 parts, i.e.- Introduction, Body, Conclusion.
It will not only make your blog look more attractive only but, it will help you to write better and faster as well.

3.      Split-up Research and Writing-

One thing you have to keep in your mind and you must follow it. Do whatever research you need, all data, all information, write it somewhere if you need, then and then only you start writing. The writing should be in a flow. If you start to think about something in the middle of your writing then it will eventually slow you down.

If situations come where you feel that there might be some discrepancies with some fact in your article, don’t start doing research at that moment because it will shift your focus. Better you write down the query somewhere else for that moment or make some marks or color on it, then check it later when you are completely done with writing your blog.  Never ever do the research and writing together. It will hamper you a lot of time and your speed will drastically decrease. So, first do all the necessary research and then start writing.

4.      Always Edit Later-

As I said earlier that research and writing should not be done at the same time. In the same way writing and editing also should not be done simultaneously. To be straight, you should not stop writing once you have started. You just keep on writing and whatever mistakes are there in your article, you should check those out at the end of your writing and then edit.

5.      Read Famous Bloggers-

To become better we should always keep on learning. If you are a passionate blogger and want to become even better then, follow the top-notch bloggers according to your interest. When you do that on a regular basis, your will feel the difference. You will be able to learn how they are using words, your grammar will be improved, you will learn about the approach of how the blogs should be written and so many more. So, start reading today.

6.      Practice, Practice and Practice-

We all have heard about the phrase “Practice makes a man perfect”. So, this goes well the blogging as well. When you start blogging, the first day would be the toughest one. But, once keep on writing, researching, reading other blogs these will increase your overall ability. So, follow the expert tips mentioned above and see the results. You can even set a timer while writing and compete with yourself.


In today’s world Blogging is not only a passion to follow but a necessity for businesses as well. People can even earn good enough money through blogging in different platforms, i.e.- quora partner program. So, if you are planning to start blogging, start it today. All the best bloggers!!!

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