The Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants In 2022

The Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants In 2022

Are you a restaurant owner in search of the best restaurant menu plugin for your WordPress website? Then there’s no need to seek elsewhere. You can add entries to your restaurant website menu using these WordPress restaurant menu plugins. They’ve progressed to bring out a restaurant’s sense of style and provide customers with a visual preview of their restaurant through these amazing plugins. Nonetheless, if your competitors now have stunning websites, how would you differentiate yours from the group?

Fortunately, WordPress provides everything you’ll need to create the perfect restaurant website. Not only are there a ton of cool restaurant-related themes to go through, but there are also plenty of Restaurant Plugins to help you make your site more useful. These plugins will allow you to create a list of different restaurant locations and manage them from one spot.

Before eating out these days, it’s normal to look up restaurant reviews, photos, and menus. If you own or manage a restaurant, putting your menu online can be a great approach to assist clients in deciding whether or not they want to come in. That’s where restaurant menu plugins come in help.


What Is the Purpose of a WordPress Restaurant Plugin?

Customers rarely visit hotels or restaurants in this era of the digital age. They would rather Google the top restaurants, look at the menu, place orders, and pay online.

As a result, food businesses are now focusing on a strong online presence because it is the requirement. At least, your website should highlight what you do, including displaying a meal menu for visitors.

Another thing to keep in mind is that people increasingly use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets instead of desktop or laptop computers. That implies your website must be responsive and adapt to whatever device users are using.

Check out the best WordPress restaurant menu plugins and pick your favourite from the list below.


Five Star Restaurant Menu

Five Star Restaurant Menu is a fantastic restaurant menu plugin that is available for free download. The plugin includes an easy-to-use menu generator, so you can quickly create your restaurant menu. Furthermore, it has various customization options to allow you to build up your menu just how you want it.

This plugin adds a menu to any page using the Gutenberg restaurant menu block and convenient restaurant menu shortcodes. Similarly, you can provide images and prices for each food and beverage menu item. Furthermore, it allows you to enter a types of pricing range for a single item.


  1. Menu item creation and unlimited food and beverage menus.
  2. Menu layout that is responsive and works properly on all mobile devices.
  3. A sidebar option for presenting a list of menu sections.
  4. WordPress multilingual (WPML) plugin enables multilingual websites.


Food Store

The Food Store plugin is a good choice if you use WooCommerce to create an online restaurant menu and handle orders. This solution allows you to create a shop page for your menu that includes any WooCommerce products you want to showcase. Users will be able to add items to their orders, pay online, and choose between pickup and delivery:

Setting up menu items should be a piece of cake if you’ve used WooCommerce before. This plugin can also create cuisine categories, provide search functionality to your menu, and many more functionalities. If you wish to disable your site’s order capability, there’s even a catalogue mode option.

Using the built-in shortcodes, you can place your Food Store restaurant menu anywhere on your website. In addition, shortcodes can be used to display certain menu categories.


  1. Using WooCommerce items, create an online restaurant menu.
  2. Use shortcodes to display your restaurant menu.
  3. Allow customers to select either pickup or delivery service.
  4. Disable online orders through catalogue mode.


Restaurant Menu Plugin for WooCommerce

You won’t have to choose between simplicity and a plethora of functionality with this incredible plugin. This WordPress restaurant menu plugin allows you to create a single-page restaurant menu that is simple enough for anyone to use. Your visitors may quickly place orders on a single page without having navigation to different pages. You can add as many as you wish to each, including side dishes and the main course. You can then charge for them or mark them as free.


  1. Create many categories and conceal the ones you don’t want to appear on your menu page.
  2. Variable products can be set to load in a menu; if you want to add them to the shopping cart, follow the popup link to the same page.
  3. You may allow your users to hide the shopping cart and only reveal it when they need to inspect the products using the premium version.



WPCafe is an inventive and artistic WooCommerce restaurant plugin. If you want to use WooCommerce to run your online restaurant, then WPCafe is designed to assist you in handling all areas of your business, like orders, reservations, and so on. You now have complete authority over your consumers and restaurant menu.


  1. Mini Cart with Customization
  2. Food Menus by Location
  3. Reservation System for Restaurants
  4. RTL Compatibility
  5. Options for AJAX Mini Cart


Restaurant for WooCommerce

Customers may order from your restaurant menu more easily and quickly with Restaurant for WooCommerce To improve the user experience, the plugin is entirely responsive and offers additional features such as menu images, search options, cuisine information, and an add-to-cart button.

You can change the background, border, and text colour of the plugin. You may also integrate the menu and submenu background hover and change the colour and description. You may display or conceal the mini-cart and personalize it using one of eight mini-cart templates.


  1. The mini-cart widget option displays your clients’ order summary.
  2. Add extras and other add-ons to your menu to expand your menu selections.
  3. The restaurant’s status (open or closed) will be displayed on the front-end menu.
  4. Rearrange the food goods and categories on your menu as needed.
  5. Using the back-end drag-and-drop feature, move your best-selling items and categories to the top of the menu.

Final Thoughts!

By using these plugins, you can build appealing and mouth-watering restaurant menus regardless of whatever WordPress restaurant themes you have for your restaurant website. Furthermore, you do not need any technical or coding ability to use them.


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