8 Best Shopify Apps to Improve your E-Commerce Website

8 Best Shopify Apps to Improve your E-Commerce Website

Shopify is an excellent platform for E-commerce stores, offering a number of benefits. The Shopify App Store is one of the many benefits it provides under its umbrella, where you’ll get your hands on the latest and best Shopify apps. When starting out, it can be a bit intimidating to wander through all of the options.

Well, we’ve got it sorted out for you. Here are 8 of the best Shopify apps that can help you throughout your E-commerce journey.

1. Plug in SEO (Free | Upgraded plans start from $20/month)

Around 35% of online purchases are directed from Google search. So, if your store isn’t optimized, you might lose plenty of customers.

SEO may seem daunting, especially if you are not familiar with it. Take benefit from the tools available to boost your optimization work. Every small thing you do adds up to one significant result, thus enhances your online presence.

Plug in SEO keeps a check on your E-commerce store for on-page SEO issues. This app examines your page titles, headings, site speed, Meta descriptions, content structure and uniqueness and other elements that may affect the performance of your website for search engines.

2. Sumo (Free | Upgraded plans start from $24/month)

Email marketing is a cornerstone in the world of digital marketing. Therefore, it is certainly not something you want to neglect in your marketing efforts.

Sumo provides many tools to help you capture emails and create your email list quickly. From pop-ups and smart bars to scroll boxes to welcome mats, Sumo has everything you need.

3. Omnisend (Free | Upgraded plans start from $16/month)

When you have converted your online traffic into subscriptions, it is time to turn them into potential leads. You may find tons of email service providers who can help you in this regard, but if you are in search of a tool with a variety of other useful features along with scaling with your business, Omnisend, one of the best Shopify apps, is made just for you. It allows you to create automation workflows, build campaigns, target your customers through smart segmentation, and much more.

4. PushOwl (Free | Upgraded plans start from $19/month)

If your email marketing strategy isn’t good enough and your email campaigns aren’t performing as effectively as you want them to, and there is nothing else left for you to try regarding this, this is where push notifications come in.

Push notifications are automated, which lets you reach out to your clients in a personalized and timely manner. They have a higher conversion rate as compared to emails.

PushOwl can efficiently deliver automated messages to your clients’ PCs and mobile devices to notify them on updates.

5. ReferralCandy (Free 30-day trial | plans start from $49/month)

A happy customer is an asset to a company. In fact, referred customers are likely to spend 10% to 25% more on their initial orders, they also make purchases more often, and they tend to share positive shopping reviews within their social circle.

ReferralCandy is the best Shopify app to set up referral programs in just a matter of minutes. The best thing, this app automates nearly everything, like referral reminders, reward payouts delivery, and after purchase notifications.

6. Smile.io (Free | Upgraded plans start from $59/month)

Selling to an existing customer is 25 times easier than getting a new one. Therefore, instead of just working on getting new customers, get your hands on customer retention. A great way to turn seasonal shoppers into loyal customers is introducing your loyalty program.

Smile.io helps online shop owners to build and manage loyalty and reward programs, VIP tiers, and customer referrals. It can easily integrate with the largest email, social and E-commerce platforms, as well as customer relationship management (CRM) providers.

7. Yotpo Reviews (Free | Request a quote for upgraded plans)

Customer reviews are one of the most crucial things for any business. So, you must give your customers a platform to share their reviews about your services and products, whether they are satisfied with it or not.

Yotpo collects your customer reviews, Q&A’s, and photos, and displays them on your store layout. Social reviews work as an attraction tool for visitors to build trust and boost conversion. It is one of the best Shopify apps for an online B2B marketplace.

8. Wishlist Plus (Free 14 day trial | Upgraded plans start from $9.99/month)

About 96% of your online traffic isn’t willing to buy from you. To be honest, they are all window shopping, online in particular. So instead of urging them to buy your products, let them save their favorites for later.

Wishlist Plus elevates the likelihood of converting window shoppers into actual shoppers by allowing them to save their desired items so they can buy later.

Shopify is undoubtedly a great platform if you want to run a successful E-commerce business as it has tons of apps that can help you achieve your market goal. So get your hands on the latest Shopify apps from the Shopify App Store to get going.

Syed Ali Hyder

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