Best Alternative to Microsoft Office

Best Alternative to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is designed to help people with productivity and do everyday tasks on the computer. It is used mainly in business professions. You can create a new file and edit documents, text, and edit pictures on your file. It will also help you make a spreadsheet or database collection.

Some students used to make their assignments or presentations. Students want some take my class for me to make their notes in online learning, so they used Microsoft office to note down the online lecture. You can also use it to make some companies’ posters, banners, flyers, and brochures if you want to find some alternative software due to performance issues or just not like their function tools. You have many options to find the best alternative. In this blog, you have learned some good alternatives to Microsoft office.

Google/ Google workspace:

The best alternative to Microsoft Office for business is google space. Google space offers you many options as Google meet, Google chat, Google sheets, and google slides. You can operate it on any Windows, Mac, Linux, and another computer with a modified web browser. You can easily share your documents without downloading them. Google space offers you more modified tools than Microsoft office. You can also work on Google space; you do not have to pay to do anything. You just have to make a free Google account and start working on it

Apple Office Suit/ iWork:

If you are a user of Mac, this software is most suitable for you. It is famous as Microsoft office, but it provides some modern techniques to do your work intelligently. This software offers a web-based version with the latest version of Chrome, Safari, and Internet explorer. Mac users do not have to pay extra charges for this software because they already pay through iCloud. If they need more storage, they have to pay for more storage. The only downfall of this software is that they are not so popular, and their users are fewer.

WPS Office:

You have so many alternates to Microsoft offices. WPS is another alternative with the latest version for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and android. This software is free, but you have to pay thirty dollars per year to remove advertisements. It belongs to Kingsoft, a China-based developer. These applications include WPS writer, WPS spreadsheet, and WPS presentations. This application has a customizable interface to select your favorite menu style.

Dropbox paper:

This software is not known for its official program, but its applications offer you a competitive application that focuses on word processing, which makes it easy for you to share your file. Dropbox allows you to perform many tasks at the same time. Adding your file is much easier when using a Dropbox application to make some vital documents. Dropbox offers its users two GB of storage. After this, you have to purchase some extra storage.


FreeOffice offers its users some relatively different kinds of Microsoft’s version. It is much like a Microsoft Office. Users use this software free for their work. This Freeoffice comes from the Softmaker and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.This application includes TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations. This modification replaces Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, respectively. This application can select a classic window style menu and modern view styles. Android users can easily download this application. It is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office.

Microsoft 365 Online:

Suppose you are searching for an alternative to Microsoft and you feel bored with MicrosoftOffice’s version. In that case, you can download Microsoft 365 online with an updated version of Microsoft Office. Microsoft 365 allows you to work on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Using these applications, users have to pay five dollars per month. That is why their users are fewer than Microsoft Office. They charged for one terabyte of storage provided by their users, which is the maximum for users to download their heavy files.

Polaris Office:

This application is free as other applications which you can use in the alternative of Microsoft Office. All software tries to copy Microsoft office tools, which creates some difficulties for the users to operate. Polaris Office is easy to understand and simple to use. Their editing tools are better than other alternative offices. This version gives you one GB of cloud storage.

If you want some extra storage, you can log in from your own cloud storage. These alternatives play a significant role when students pass from online learning. When students think can I pay someone to do my online course, expertise gets help from these alternative applications to make students’ assignments and research. With the use of these applications, many students do their assignments in a better way without wasting their time.


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