Behind The Scenes NYC – Live your Dream

Behind The Scenes NYC – Live your Dream

Recently, I read an inspiring story about Fernanda Paronetto and her struggle to get an American visa and live in New York City for good. Her passions to live in the city and chase your dreams are something we all think about, but only a few individuals dare to achieve it.

Keeping that in mind, Behind the Scene NYC (BTSNYC) is a website providing professional concierge services to the locals and visitors to have a remarkable experience. Being a corporate planning and management boutique firm which specializes in providing unique and non-touristic experiences to the people, the website truly offers something intriguing.

Many of you would be asking how does this work? With more than a million followers from all over the world, BTSNYC focuses on some of the most exotic and economical hot-spots for the people, providing with inclusive and unique events which fascinate your clients, your company, or your friends and family members. This type of service might be referred as a fresh approach towards event management and travel planning.

The website doesn’t plan out the boring and the most conventional meetings, events, and experiences, they partner up strategically to provide unique experiences to their customers.

With a wide group of specialists and partners from different parts of the city, BTSNYC delivers the best concierge services ranging in different styles and budgets matching as per the requirements and needs of the clients. They specialize in the following areas:

• Private events
• Car and aviation services
• Travel planning
• Personal grooming, shopping, styling
• Jewelry shopping and consultation
• Lifestyle relocation
• Art tours and experiences
• Real Estate



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