Not Getting All You Want From your B2B e-commerce? Take These Steps

Not Getting All You Want From your B2B e-commerce? Take These Steps

As an established B2B marketing agency, we are in a critical situation to be wholly involved in diverse B2B organizations. As an account planner myself, my job is to monitor the latest B2B marketing trends carefully. However, I also get expansive views from the clients in this regard.

This enables me to chalk out the challenges or let’s just say hurdles that most of the organizations face when planning out a marketing strategy for their organization. Nonetheless, these are the top B2B marketing challenges I get to hear most about, but, I have some informative solutions as well to overcome them.

1) Data and Marketing Sales:

Challenge: Before you plan on using the valuable data you have acquired, it is essential to review it timely with specific tools to analyze before making important decisions about it. Majority of the small businesses and marketers stumble in data challenges. From planning out objects which would enable you to regulate the type of data you require, to choosing the right systems which prepare the effective marketing plan that your data has already recognized, it’s a challenging job.

Solution: To overcome this challenge, your marketing and sales team need to prepare the marketing and sales goals. Planning out useful goals draws your marketing plans and sales team to come closer and work more efficiently to overcome your data related problems.

By preparing goals which are SMART and easily understandable to your marketing and sales team, you can start gathering the data you require to fulfill your objectives.

2) Campaign Execution:

Challenge: For any advertising agency, the toughest part is planning and executing the marketing campaign for your clients. We have been doing it for nearly 25 years, and still, it’s the most challenging thing on the planet. The shortage of systems which assist you in executing the market efficiently is a challenge. Due to the failure of the process, many relationships and opportunities are lost.

Solution: The solution is simple, developing reliable system networks. Most of the B2B organizations have not developed any systems which help them in handling the customer relationship management (CRM) and executing the market correctly for the sales team. The systems created specifically for marketing are relatively cheaper and accessible.

3) Sales Channels:

Challenge: The most frustrating part for B2B sales managers is channeling the leads to your sales and marketing team. The sales workers are usually busy dealing with the customers personally, while the marketing teams work tirelessly and maintain an endless record of leads. The real question is, have the leads been recognized or not? For example, most of my clients, nearly half of them are exporters from China tirelessly planning to outsource their production to China.

Solution: The best solution is to attain a sales channel that catches leads effectively and authorizes the leads so that your team can work on it, get rid of unpromising leads and assist the sales team to close the leads.

4) Mobile:

Challenge: With the advancement in technology and development of new applications, mobile has proved to be a game changer in B2B marketing. A few years back, I attended an advertising conference, and the lead of the mobile division of Google showed us the possibilities of cellular technology through communication, geo-fencing, and e-commerce. What he predicted years ago has come true.

For many B2B marketers, using cell phones to capitalize their business may be a daunting task, but since the market is growing at a rapid pace, it may get confusing at times to understand the path correctly.

Solution: Business organizations need to develop a mobile-friendly website. This will help them a lot in the future.


If you are an experienced marketer, you can surely relate to some of the problems I have mentioned here. The real solution lies in the challenges and how intelligently you overcome them. Preparing a robust content marketing strategy, communication strategy and audience persona may turn out effective for you.

Technology is an asset which every B2B marketer should cash and assist your program in joining your sales and marketing. Therefore, it is essential to take one step at a time, no rush. And at any point you stumble a difficulty, you can always rely on your B2B marketing agency to assist you in the best possible manner.


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