Explore the recent innovations in the automotive industry

Explore the recent innovations in the automotive industry

Cars and technology have created a potent mix of possibilities in the mobility sector. But the transformations witnessed in past decades have been nothing less than impressive. As such, they give us a mere glimpse of the potential behind the automotive industry.

From humble innovations such as cupholders to radical ones such as self-driving technology, each development holds an active stance in the automobile that we see today.

To mention, the countless innovations that have shaped the automotive industry would be an impossible feat. To give justice to some of the best that the industry has to offer, here are just a few that deserve recognition:

1. Automation

Innovative technology has redesigned every aspect of the automotive industry, from design to engineering to manufacturing.

Automakers are utilizing new methods that reduce the need for manual work. This is helping to increase revenue as well as propel the sector towards more significant growth. And as ideologies change, customers have the chance to customize and personalize their vehicles, especially the sleeker, high-end luxury models.

2. Fuel efficiency

Nearly 50% of auto companies are still focusing on technology that can help acquire low-cost, efficient transportation. So fuel efficiency continues to be a significant aspect for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Various features must be considered to create the desired effect, such as engine capabilities, drivetrain technologies, better fuel consumption, enhanced performance, etc. Innovations utilizing a combination of these concepts have dramatically improved fuel efficiency standards.

3. Online dealerships

It’s not only innovations in how cars look and perform that have made headway in the automotive industry. In fact, there are tremendous opportunities for businesses to expand their services to other aspects of the automotive community.

And with the advent of mobile-friendly businesses, people are demanding a variety of online services. Now, car dealerships and showrooms have also transferred to the digital space. Individuals can buy and sell cars from any place, at any time.

And it’s no longer about sole ownership. Shared vehicles and flexible leasing are still evolving. But the most significant change is yet to be seen as blockchain technology and cryptocurrency incorporate their potential into this sector as well as others all over the world.

4. Connected mobile apps

Ideas for mobile apps are a dime a dozen these days. So it’s evident that some have made their presence known in the automotive sector.

Options include remotely starting the car, locking and unlocking doors, real-time information about traffic and delays, searching for parking spots, and whatnot. But whatever the application, the intent is to provide users with unprecedented convenience.

5. Backup cameras

What would we do without a backup camera? Long gone are the days when drivers need to crane their necks to back out of a parking space. Though many companies offer built-in gadgets, this innovative product can easily be installed in almost every model and make.

6. Infotainment systems

Alongside the swift adoption of these high-resolution cameras, infotainment systems are just as pivotal in the current automotive industry. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a life without both of them!

Infotainment systems vary from manufacturers to models. But the general features that this innovation offers include audio/video (A/V) interfaces, touchscreens, keypads, and much more.

7. GPS and vehicle tracking software

We don’t even need to get into the details of how GPS has changed our lives. It’s self-explanatory. But with vehicle tracking software, it’s easy to monitor where your car is.

This can be handy in circumstances when the whereabouts of your vehicle are unknown or need to be monitored. For example, you need information about a stolen automobile, or the safety of your teenage driver is at risk.

8. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

Whether it’s a crash up ahead or a road under construction, automobiles can send signals and notifications about the situation or possible detours to take. This is just one example of Vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V), an innovation that is enabling cars to communicate with each other.

Other aspects include adaptive cruise control, which further develops the technology backing cruise control. It makes driving less stressful, especially when you encounter the stop-and-go traffic in rush hour. It works by allowing built-in sensors to monitor and match the speed of the car in front of you. When it comes to a complete stop, so will yours.

Another innovative tool worth mentioning is automatic emergency braking. Here, sensors determine whether a crash is imminent. Brakes are applied automatically to reduce the severity of a crash or to avoid it altogether.

While both these features were once expensive options, technological advancements have reduced the costs. They are slowly creeping into numerous makes and models.

And yes, adaptive cruise control (ACC) and automatic emergency braking (AEB) are lending a helping hand to future trends, where the hope of autonomous automobiles is still alive and beating.

As technology such as IoT integrates with objects around us and 5G around the corner, innovative trends in the automotive sector have begun to pick up the pace. Ideas are still emerging, and many more are yet to come.

9. Rear occupant alert

Previously, this feature meant only alerting drivers that the back door was open. But now, the tech has significantly evolved. Sensors help monitor the rear passenger safety belts as well as motion in rear seats after a car has been parked. This notifies drivers about the possibility of children forgotten in the car, a concern that has recently escalated.

10. Electric cars

Elon Musk has introduced a new approach to automotive engineering. He designed 

Tesla, the world’s first premium electric automobile. And now, several automakers have carried this novel concept further into the automotive industry. And with the backing of zero emissions, this innovation has made significant progress in the automotive space.

Final thoughts

Safety, convenience, and comfort have all taken a decisive interest in recent innovations. We have seen an ordinary mode of transportation transform into an object of awe and class.

Innovative technology is challenging manufacturers with unlimited opportunities for new ideas. We’ve seen zero-emission vehicles and cars-as-a-service take off with a storm. And as smart gadgets combine with our unique transportation needs, the line between reality and imagination often blurs.

Looking back at these innovations makes us realize just how we’ve come.

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