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    Beatrice McGraw

    Beatrice McGraw is a Professional Content Writer and Digital Marketer at ExportHub. She's an expert in digital marketing, content marketing, and lead generation. Follow her on Twitter at @McgrawBeatrice.

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  • Better Ways to Show Your Employees You Care

    Better Ways to Show Your Employees You Care0

    They’ll always enjoy the bagels you bring in for Friday meetings, and they’ll accept the paper certificate celebrating their employment anniversaries — but these kinds of displays of appreciation are trite. In fact, employees have come to expect these shows as the bare minimum of behavior from average employers. However, if you want to be

  • 2019: Best Trends in the E-Commerce Industry

    2019: Best Trends in the E-Commerce Industry0

    Brick and Mortar shops are just as viable as ever. A shopping trip is always a fun excursion, especially with a group of friends and/or family. Topped off with a relaxing dinner or lunch, brick and mortar shopping can be a very self-fulfilling experience. Sometimes, however, shoppers look for more convenient options when shopping. The

  • How to Leverage Technology to Flip Homes Online0

    Before we dive into the meat of this article, let’s start by explaining what is meant by flipping homes. Generally, the term “flipping” is a word used to describe the buying of a revenue-generating asset, a house in this case, and reselling (or flipping) it for profit. Specifically, in the real estate industry, this term

  • How to Make Your International Business More Efficient in 2019

    How to Make Your International Business More Efficient in 20190

    It’s easier than ever to work with people from around the world and integrate many different points of view and experiences into your business. At the same time, spreading out too quickly can sometimes have specific detrimental effects, such as a loss of productivity. This can commonly be traced back to a few factors, such