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    Amberlynn Adam

    This article was contributed by Amberlynn Adam, Blogger, Content Developer & Editor. Amberlynn is a Content Marketing Professional and is an integral part of DataCaptive since its inception. She holds a passion of tracking new changes in the ever-evolving business world and putting them down in the form of blogs to encourage intelligent discussions & thought exchange. Apart from writing, reading fiction and thriller novels are her major interests.

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  • Scale up B2B Data Management with Artificial Intelligence

    Scale up B2B Data Management with Artificial Intelligence0

    Remember the old school Robocop movie. It brilliantly portrayed the story of a human police officer who transforms to a cyborg with help of artificial intelligence & fights crime. These ideas which were only movie stories are now turning into reality. Last year Dubai police unveiled the world’s first ‘Robocop’ powered by artificial intelligence. The